WIN A SCHOLARSHIP for studying MBBS abroad!!


Scholarship Scholarship Scholarship !!

Yes, you read it correctly. We are going to give you 100% scholarship on the tuition fee. We are conducting the scholarship exam for MBBS ABROAD on 7th and 8th July 2018.


Biology (50%)
Chemistry (35%)
Anatomy/Embryology (15%)

Syllabus for biology and chemistry would strictly be according to the 11th and 12th class NCERT syllabus. We have added Anatomy and embryology because these are the basics of 1st year medicine. Don’t worry about that because we are gonna send the material for that on your email once you register for the scholarship exam by filling the form.

Marking System:


  • For every right answer, you will get +1 mark.
  • For every wrong answer, 0.5 marks would be deducted.


The scholarship exam for MBBS ABROAD consists of 100 questions for which you will get 1.5 hours (90 minutes).

How much scholarship you can get?

1)The one getting the maximum marks would get 100% scholarship on the tuition fee*

2) The one scoring second highest will get 50% scholarship on the tuition fee*

3) The third highest candidate will get 25% waiver on the tuition fee*

Some other bonus scholarships are

  • If you’ve scored more than 90% in PCB in 12th or
  • If you’ve more than 400 marks in NEET 2018.

Why we are doing this ?

We have been thinking about this for a very long time and finally we are doing it. There are many deserving students those who really want to pursue medicine but unfortunately due to lack of finances they just cant continue. But, Inspiring Mindz are the fuel and wings to your dreams. If you have the passion for this profession, then we will never let you down because of these small obstacles. Money can never be an issue as long as you really want to acheive something.

Now, without wasting any time just hurry up and REGISTER with us to get this opportunity for life.

Books to read for Anatomy and Embryology:

BD Chaurasia’s Handbook of General Anatomy Questions will be asked from the upper extremity.

Embryology Questions will be asked from the reproductive embryology.

Important points to remember:


  • You can only get one scholarship at a time.
  • You have to be consistent with your studies even after getting the scholarship and admission.
  • You must enroll in an university through us before the scholarship exam which is 7th July, 2018 to avail the scholarship.

In case of any query, don’t hesitate to ask us.

*1st semester

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