Which is the best university to study MBBS Abroad?

In our previous blog, we compared the different aspects while choosing the right country. Saw some mind blowing content. But, that’s not enough. After reading today’s blog, you will start questioning your thought process. We will be exposing today some so called “TOP UNIVERSITIES OF UKRAINE”. 

When it comes to studying MBBS from Ukraine, we would like to tell you first that not all the medical universities in Ukraine are good. We won’t lie to you. Only chosen few are! 

Let’s first talk about the medical universities in Ukraine which you must seen on websites or heard about it from your friends. 

Donetsk National Medical University:
According to one (fake) website, it is one of best university in Ukraine. It ranks 1st among all other medical university in Ukraine. We have attached a screenshot of the website stating it. Also, there is a  very famous website for ranking universities all over the world. You know what we’re talking about 😉 

If we go on to believe these websites, DNMU is one of the BEST medical university in Ukraine. But, is it really true? 

Unfortunately, NO! It is not. We’re attaching the screenshots of two students who are exposing Donetsk in their mail written to us. 

Odessa National Medical University:
A lot has been written about this university on the Internet. The students are mad behind studying in this university. May be the wave is due to great marketing strategies and blind trust of naive students on some consultancies promoting it. It spreads like wild fire. And everybody starts following one another like a herd of sheep. They don’t think and analyze. They just want to go where everyone else is going. It’s not their fault also. “Apni mentality hi aisi hai. Sab jaa rahe hai toh achi hi hogi”. We have been taught to follow without questioning. 

We happened to have a chat with a parent where he is tensed and stressed about his son’s study in ONMU. His son was already in 4th year and then things got all bitter. Another student who wants to take transfer from the university. Please go through the attachments to know more about it. 

Uzhgorod National University:

We will not write much about this university. It does not deserve that. A university which has started English medium faculty just 3 years ago. What more do we need to say? A  screenshot has been attached about this university. 

Ranking Myth:
We easily believe in the rankings given by any websites. It happened the same with one of the student who was happened to be in our contact. We warned him 100 times about it. But, we won’t budge. Later after doing a damage, he came to us to discuss the problem. A screenshot for the same has been provided.

Ranking does not matter at all. A university ranked as 1st can be shitty and one ranked 79th can be amazingly good. You are very new to this. Please don’t fall into such traps. Learn to research and ask. The pain of getting cheated is unbearable. You won’t be able to handle it. 

We just can’t suggest you with any of the college that doesn’t have those standards to be known as an renowned International Medical University. You’ve to look so many things.After going through a lot of struggles, and after doing proper research and survey we’ve got to know the reality of all these things and then only we’re suggesting you the best medical universities in Ukraine. That for sure is beneficial to you and for your future. 

Best Medical Universities In Ukraine:

  1. Vinnitsya National Medical University (VNMU)
  2. Ternopil National Medical University earlier known as “Ternopil State Medical University” (TNMU / TSMU)
  3. O.O. Bogomolets National Medical University (NMU)

Are admissions still going on in these universities for Jan’18? Unfortunately, only in one which will be closed soon. 

What about other the medical universities in Ukraine?
Very few universities in Ukraine are located close to the capital. Cities that are close to capital are usually big. Big cities have big hospitals, great infrastructure, amazing patient in flow, experienced staff and unlimited opportunities to learn and excel. You won’t get all this in smaller cities of Ukraine or the ones that are away from the capital 🙂

Having options is not so bad but when you have the opportunity to hit for the best, then why to compromise with the quality of education and standards ? 

Some of you might still think that our information is biased and we’re trying to be manipulative here. Don’t worry, we’re attaching some trust badges. These students are already studying in the above mentioned universities. 

Moral of the blog: Truth is stranger than fiction. 

Be Safe, Be Happy. Don’t let a website ruin your happiness. Keep reading our blogs. 

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