Which is the BEST COUNTRY to pursue MBBS ?

We always desire to get the BEST for us. We want best food, best clothes, best mobile phones, best accessories and the list goes on. Remember, how we start googling everything starting with the word “BEST” because we are perfection craving beings. We love things to be perfect. So, how can we compromise when it comes to education? We will not! 

We want you to give you two “PEARLS OF WISDOM” :

  1. Not everything you see on the Internet is true.
  2.  Do not let some top ranked websites jeopardize your career. Anyone can rank a website on Google by throwing some bucks. 

You are going to get the best advice of your life and you will not regret it. 

We know you are in a dilemma. Should it be from India or should it be from abroad? If abroad, then should I go to Russia or China. Do not worry, today I am going to clear all of your doubts for once and for all. Keep reading 🙂

It is important to understand some key points before comparing some aspects. So let’s begin. 

No doubt, India is considered as a pharmaceutical giant in the world and known for it’s medical advancement all over the world. Patients from all over the world prefer Indian doctors and our roots of medicine has a strong background in ancient medicine. So, would it be wrong to say that medicine in India is better than medicine abroad? The answer to this question is Yes and No. You must be thinking how can we give two extremely different answers for the same question? Don’t worry your clouds of confusion will soon be vanished. Keep reading 🙂

If we take big names in the game like AIIMS, KMC, CMC Vellore, AFMC, MAMC, no doubts hands down. India takes the lead.

But, But, But ! You also need to understand the no of seats available in these colleges and number of applicants applying every year. There is a huge gap which is as long as Adam’s bridge. Due to heavy competition, corruption and less number of government colleges, every year millions of students bid farewell to their dreams of becoming a doctor.

After these well known colleges, we are left with colleges which are either in the remote areas with poor infrastructure, less qualified teaching staff or colleges where we literally have to sell our house for pursuing our dreams if we are not born with a golden spoon in mouth. Who wants to get a degree just for a namesake even after paying such hefty amount?

Now, let’s discuss the other aspect of this question – Studying Abroad. Many things have already been written about this baby. Some say it’s good, some say it’s bad. Sometimes, the situation comes to a point where we can’t we land on a conclusion and choose between the right and the wrong. So let’s clear our confusion today for once and for all. I want you take something home after reading this answer. At least something good and a mind free of confusion. So let’s begin.

1. Cost of Education: Due to hefty donations in private colleges in India, a student from middle class family finds it difficult of pursuing his dream of becoming a doctor. While studying abroad, you can still finish your entire education under Rs 27-28 lakhs.

You can complete your education in 1/3rd amount in comparision to the amount you pay in India and save the remaining money for you PG.

2. Pattern of Exam: In India, we have seen our friends studying only for the final exam. They study just for passing the exams. They ask important topics from the seniors and just study those topics. Whereas, while studying abroad you have daily class test which keep you focused towards your goal and don’t let you get distracted. The quality of education here is far better than most of the private colleges in India. If studied properly, studying abroad can turn out to be the BEST decision of your life and a game changer.

3.International Exposure: Hardly, any colleges in India have tie-ups with medical universities of US, UK, Germany, Lithuania and Poland. Don’t believe us? Go and check some big names, you will get the answer.

4. World Recognized Universities: All the universities abroad are mostly WHO recognized which means you have easy access for practice in USA, UK, Germany, Poland and all European countries after passing their respective screening test.

5. Corruption: In India, some of the private colleges in India fail the students intentionally to take the bribe. We recently had an opportunity to talk to one student from private college in India, and he was telling us they don’t know how to even prick a needle.

So now if we bring the question again in picture What is better between studying medicine in India vs abroad ? What would be your answer?

We’re not saying studying abroad is a bed full of roses. It has it’s hurdles too. We’re also not saying all the universities abroad are best for pursuing education. We don’t want to lie. A chosen few are good. It is very important to do the extensive and in depth research of the university which you are opting for, the history of the university, it’s recognition around the world, relations with universities of other countries, quality of education, practical exposure etc etc.

So, let’s start our discussion about the countries in the study abroad arsenal. Are they good or bad? If good, why? If bad, why? 

Why we think Georgia is BAD for studying MBBS?
We think before going to Georgia, you should know some real facts about it which agents or consultants must have not told you.
The universities in Georgia don’t provide cadavers for dissection. Also, according to their hospital protocol, a student is not allowed to interact with patient. So, the student has zero practical exposure.
You must be knowing how important it is for a medical student to have a practical exposure during the course of education. The education of MBBS without practical exposure is incomplete.

Go through this link: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/151004/nation-current-affairs/article/‘tibilisi-varsity-mbbs-course-not-valid’

Why we think Philippines is BAD for studying MBBS?
A student has to prepare NMAT himself. They teach NMAT just for namesake. The whole course duration there is  4.5 years out of which 1.5 years is NMAT.


Let’s say, even if you clear NMAT in first attempt, you have only 3 years to learn the entire medicine. The things will be so messed up, you can’t even imagine. Subjects like Anatomy, Histology, Physiology, Biochemistry requires 1-2 yrs. I have not even started counting the clinical subjects. The list is big.
State exam is conducted and if you fail that exam,  you’ve to give it after 6 months by paying extra 50000 pesos. Seminar 1  is conducted after 2nd year and seminar 2 is conducted after 3rd year. If you fail seminar 2, you cannot enter clerkship. To pass seminar 2, you get only two attempts.

So, don’t just look for the shorter time frame but also look what are you receiving in that time frame.Don’t forget, you need to clear screening test for practicing anywhere in the world and that requires profound and deep understanding of the medical subjects.


Why we think Germany is BAD for studying MBBS?
There has been this hook of “FREE EDUCATION” in Germany these days. Little did you know that the cost of living is very expensive in Germany. Many students had to return home due to unbearable expenses. Before going to Germany, a student must pass the language test which is alone difficult enough to crack. Some of my friends are learning German from last 2 years and they are still not fluent. So would you like to stake your career for the sake of living expense and fluency in a language?


Why we think Russia is BAD for studying MBBS?
In Russia, the first three years you will be taught in English and the next three years in Russian language. Not all the Russian universities are recognized by WHO. That means if you wish to practice in countries like UK, USA, Germany, Poland you will face difficulties.


Why we think Caribbean Countries are BAD for studying MBBS?

We’re attaching some screenshot of the conversation with a student who was studying in Caribbean country. The content will BLOW your mind.





Why we think China is BAD for studying MBBS?

We’re adding here screenshots where a parent is exposing China in the email conversation we had with her.



What about other countries?

We have not mentioned countries like Krygyzstan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Armenia, Poland, Belarus etc etc. I don’t think they are competent enough to be in this list, the education quality is so bad there.

Points to REMEMBER:
  1. You cannot become a best medical professional under Rs 15 lakhs ($20-22 K) including all the expenses. It’s harsh but true. Don’t fall into such traps. You will regret this all your life.
  2. Don’t blindly believe everything on the Internet. Most of the websites are scammy selling false information.
  3. STAY AWAY from education consultancies.
Let’s reveal the country which is really suitable for studying MBBS abroad.
Disclaimer: We’re not suggesting it because we are studying here. We have seen both good and bad in Ukraine about which you will get to know in our other blogs.
We would recommend Ukraine to anyone who wishes to have a good medical career in the future. Ukraine would be the best option. Let us tell you why we think, Ukraine is the BEST option.
MEDIUM OF EDUCATION: In Ukraine, you don’t need to give any pre-language test before coming and the language is easy to learn and adaptable. You will be given education in English Medium during your course duration.
FOOD: In Ukraine, the prices are really affordable for the students coming from middle class family. For food products in Ukraine, you only need to spend 100-125$ for a whole month.
QUALITY OF EDUCATION: Ukrainian Universities have a well qualified teaching staff and the universities are 200+ years old which gives them a good reputation all over the world.
INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: Ukrainian universities have good relations with US, UK, Poland and other European countries so if you are thinking about doing  PG in Europe, you will have a great exposure. Every year medical conferences are held where you can meet medical students from all over the world and increase your horizon.
SAFETY: Ukraine is by far the most safest place for students I have seen so far. Being a women dominant country, these people are helping and no discrimination is done based on race, caste or creed.
AFFORDABLE WITH GOOD EDUCATION: The medical education in Ukraine costs about Rs 25- 30 lakhs ($30-35 K) including everything for 6 years.
Note: Not all the universities in Ukraine are good.

We know, you are still scared. What if something goes wrong? Trust me, we have never seen anyone taking all the right decisions in our 23 years of life. You will never know unless you try. Go for it

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