Washington University of Barbados: One of the Best MD Programs You Can Get Into


While you will get trapped by its frantic beauty, Barbados is an island full of everything you need. Starting from the glowing sandy Barbados beaches to the fun lived nightlife, your every wish for a perfect vacation will come true here.

Maybe you are thinking about visiting Barbados or even moving there, whatever your reasons may be, the island will definitely give you an experience of your lifetime. That’s why in today’s blog, I’ll be covering all of about Barbados and facilitates along with the famous MD program at Washington University of Barbados.

Barbados: A Magical Place to Visit

Where Is Barbados?

Barbados is mainly an island country located at the bay of Lesser Antilles, in the Caribbean Sea. The island covers a length of 21 miles and a width of 14 miles, with an area of 167 sq. mile. Located in the North Atlantic, this island is not in the Atlantic hurricane belt. Bridgetown is the capital and one of the largest city of Barbados.

The Climate

Usually, the country has two different climates or primary climates: Wet Season and Dry Season. Wet season mainly stays from June to November and Dry season from December to May. The annual rainfall ranges from 1000 to 2300 mm.
Normally in the dry season, it gets a bit hot. Typically the temperature this time fluctuates between 21 to 31 degrees. From June to November, it fluctuates between 23 to 31 degrees. So, you could say more or less it stays the same. As a tropical country, the climate is quite stable and gives a subtle and good environment.


Almost 90% of Barbados people are Afro-Caribbean descendent and mixed descendent. They are locally called Bajan. The other 10% population includes people from other countries such as Europeans and Asians. Asians are usually Chinese and Indians. Barbadians are really nice people with good culture morals.
They value morals highly and respect each other.

Language Preferences in Barbados Country

If English is your first language then you’ll have no problem when you will visit Barbados. Although the locals speak a mixed or English-based creole language. This unique language uses some of the idioms of West Africa mixed with British English.

Well, if you’ll be staying in Barbados for some time you need to learn this language to become friendlier with the Barbados people. Although you won’t have any communication gap even if you don’t learn it.

Places to Stay In Barbados

There are lots of Barbados tourism guides available online that will give you best of the best Barbados hotel deals. There are some awesome Barbados hotels for you to stay, all of these places seem to be one of those Barbados tourist attractions.
· Luxury Hotels.
· Guest Houses.
· Barbados Vacation Resorts.
· Villas.
· Guest Houses or Apartments.
· Cruise Stay.


Barbados hotels and resorts seem to offer a lot of deals during the tourism season. And you won’t believe the luxurious facilities you will get in all of Barbados luxury resorts. Well, Barbados attractions include some best places to visit in Barbados that you might enjoy visiting besides the beaches.

People mainly avoid going to Barbados in October. October mainly is the rainiest reason of them all. It’s a great place for any tourism but their educational reputation is also top notch. If you want to study abroad and in a place like this then you should defiantly consider Washington University of Barbados.

It’s a great university with modern facilities. Though if you are looking for a cheap living condition, this doesn’t actually come to your mind. But with quality comes expense.

Why Study At Washington University Of Barbados?

There are many reasons for going to WUB instead of other universities.
• If you want world class standard with higher quality education, Washington University of Barbados should be your number one choice. They are one of the best MBBS College in world.
• Quality teaching from professionals with on hand practice and self-improving methods will make you learn all there is.  
• Faculty members are internationally experienced.
•The University follows US curriculum.
•The campus offers various cultural benefits that make the students grow their personalities besides the bookish learning.
• They tend to offer advanced equipment and machinery when it comes to health care.

Academics Outcomes

Their aim is to make all of their students get prepared for the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE). The faculty members are all USMLE qualified and they tend to cover and share all of their expertise with their students and grow them in accordance to that. Their different programs covers:

Medicine Program

The doctor of medicine degree course runs for 5.5 years. After the medical admission medical students need to 1.5 years in Pre-Medicals, after that almost 2 years in basic science and then last 2 years in the Clinical rotation.
· Pre-medical:
The MBBS course of this program follows up US curriculum, where the students have to complete their MBBS study worth of 120 credits in total.
· Basic Sciences Program:
This program ensures the students to be able to meet certain care needs for the society. The course runs for 2 years, with 5 trimesters in total. It’s one of the best courses of MBBS study in foreign countries.
· Clinical Rotation:
The students are prepared here for the USMLE exams in the US to help them attain a stone medical position and build up a good career.  


Other Facilities

Other than MBBS degree Washington University of Barbados offers eco-friendly campus with green galleries. All the research and classrooms are equipped with modern facilities that help in the overall learning process. They also have medical libraries, laboratories, computer stations, patient examination room, and well-furnished classrooms. With security personnel guarding the campus 24/7, all students have a secured campus where they can learn and share.

Co-curricular activities

The university believes in helping their students grow from every aspect and that’s why they have many co-curricular activities for their students to participate in such as Soccer field, Basketball court, Cricket Grounds, Indoor Games etc. Other than these jogging areas along with gym memberships are offered to the students.

Hostels and Accommodation

All of their hostels are equipped with well-furnished rooms with 2 beds. All of the rooms are luxuries along with every modern facility from the kitchen to water heaters. Unfortunately, the tuition fee won’t cover the expense of the hostels. The usual expense per month is $300-$400 for each student. It comes with all sorts of perks including dining system.

Health Insurances

Every student has to have Health Insurance. They can have it before the admission or can start an insurance plan from the university. They actually provide the health insurance facilities before starting off a semester.  
Barbados best country for MBBS along with all of the exciting facilities and attractions as a tropical country. Not only has it excelled at beauty but also in the education system. Washington University of Barbados is one of the renowned Medical Universities in the country. A great choice for a higher education. 
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