Ukraine: One of the Best Countries in Europe for Higher Education


Thinking about MBBS admission in Europe but can’t really figure out which country to choose from? Well, your search for medical abroad programs ends here. Recently the MBBS fees in Ukraine has gone down to a really lower rate than in India.

On the other hand, the living cost in Ukraine is also another big fact for you to choose Ukraine over other countries. Ukraine is one of the most beautiful and diverse countries in the world. Also, its reputation for studying MBBS with less fees in the world in rising up every day. People around the globe now choose Ukraine over other countries for MBBS admission.

There are many well-known Ukraine MBBS college available for getting started with a great career and building up from there. MBBS fees in India have been rising for a couple of years. The cost of MBBS in India is a lot more than in Ukraine.

That’s why today’s I’ll be covering Ukraine as a country for abroad medical programs. But first, let’s take a look at how Ukraine is as a country and should you actually go there for higher studies.

Opportunities for Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine is known for its unbelievable beauty and travel spots that mesmerize the whole world. It happens to be one of the big countries, but not the biggest one in Europe. You’ll find diversity everywhere you go in this country.

The country is full of life and so is the people. You’ll see festivals going on and people enjoying the beach or even spending some quiet time in a café sipping coffee. You won’t find a peaceful country like Ukraine anywhere in Europe. A great way to start the big journey if you ask me.

People’s Behavior

Although Ukrainian people won’t trust you right away. But after you start to know them, you’ll see that they are a fairly good company. They are one of the most open-minded nations in Europe. If you interact with them socially they will cordially accept you. Ina few days you’ll be one of them, going to their dinner parties or making new friends every day. So, what better environment can you get if you want to study here?


Fun Activities

This diverse land will give you the taste of many different outdoor activities. Starting from biking on mountains or hill climbing in the Carpathians to watching birds, or cycling in along the long vast roads. There are also many water sports available for you to try out.

If you are not into these wild activities then just roam around in their vast forests. They are really amazing places to visit and I’m sure you will never feel bored once you go to Ukraine for MBBS study.

Living Cost

Living in Ukraine can cost you very little or really high. It actually depends on you. Although there are some states where the living cost is higher than other states. Such as Lviv, it’s one of the high prices cities in Ukraine. Still, you can live there with just $100-$250 a month.

The rent fee seems to be a bit higher than other expenses, but not that much higher than India. Other food products or frozen goods seem to be of a lower price. Anyways you can your monthly cost might be a range of $100-$250 (without the tuition fee).


Studying MBBS in Ukraine

Ukraine doesn’t only excel at their beauty and great culture but they also excel in their educational system. Ukraine has a ranking of fourth in Europe for having the largest amount of medical student graduated every year.

Ukraine having, all the top facilities of medical departments with high-end technologies, it certainly gives a wonderful educational service for the local students. For their extraordinary performance, many foreign students also get their MBBS degree from one of the respective universities.

Popularity of Ukraine in Other Countries

Ukraine has been gaining so much popularity from the past few years among international students. Ukraine with their diverse and world-class Medical Universities provide a lot of opportunities to get an MBBS, MD or any other degrees in medicine for foreign students.

So, if you want to study MBBS in Europe, this is your best chance. Their opportunity to help you build a career and even offering existing jobs there can be a great turning point in your life.
Only the local students are eligible for their MBBS entrance exam. Foreign students don’t have to go through this for their medical admission.

The MBBS program in Ukraine takes up to 5.8 years. And the admission process is really easy for international students. So, if you want to study MBBS in Ukraine, you need to start gathering all of the information now.

Let me start by giving some MBBS information regarding Ukraine. Their most popular medical fields are given below:
· General medicine
· Pharmacy
· Surgery
· Pediatrics
· Dentistry

Why You Need To Study MBBS in Ukraine

There are some great reasons to why you need to choose Ukraine over other countries.
1. You’ll get the best quality education with great facilities and post-graduation options.
2. Their government is always prone to developing the universities more and more. So, they are all equipped with great instruments.
3. Ukraine is well known for their low-cost MBBS admission. Although the cost is low, they provide quality educations.  
4. The MBBS admission process doesn’t require international students to go through entrance exams.
5. All of the universities offer great accommodation along with scholarship facilities. You will also get many other extracurricular activities for living a lively life.

Advantages of Studying in Ukraine

· All of their university is recognized by UNESCO, WHO, Other medical councils from different countries and MCI.
· The English language is integrated into their curriculum.
· The living cost cheaper than other countries.
· Offers other various opportunities such as exchange programs, projects, researchers, conferences, etc.

Admission Process

The admission process is quite easy. All you have to do is fulfill the below criteria’s:
1. Students age must be above 17 years before or on the year of admission.
2. Students need to pass their higher secondary examination from their respective country.
Ukraine can be a wonderful place to start building your career and starting a new life altogether. If you can excel at their universities they will offer you opportunities to become a teacher on the universities. A great opportunity indeed!
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