“Movies to brighten up your college life”

(Yes, and we are not talking about study here.)

The journey from school to college is quite interesting and loaded with events. This transition from carefree juggling lives in school to grown –up individuals of college can bring an emotional turmoil in our lives.

People around us expect us to fire up that sense of responsibility within us (without given any basic training), before entering into college. It’s very natural of us to not be ready for this sudden change and we might lose ourselves in the process of becoming what others want us to.

So my advice here is, “Just be what you are, the rest will adjust.”Don’t leave your originality behind just because you are stepping into a broader horizon and are expected to act with a sense of maturity.

College Life adds into our non- erasable list of memories, so experience it to the fullest. These years will give you the learning of your lifetime. You would be passing your adventurous tales to groups and generations. Make sure they are inspiring and funny!

To offer you some breaks from your monotonous college routine and rejuvenate your conscience, we are providing you with some good leisure time. So, whenever your brain gets consumed with excessive knowledge; shut your books, grab some snacks and scroll down this list of chosen Movies that are a must watch if you are in your college years!!!


Those born in 90s must have binge watched some of the exciting Bollywood epics (depicting college years, friendship, careers and other struggles). In case you didn’t, the following list might give you some options. You get to taste every flavor out of these movies. These movies teach us the deepest philosophies of life in the simplest way possible.

  1. 3 Idiots (2009)

The story of 3 strangers turning into best friends after entering into an engineering college, would surely tickle your funny nerves with its crispy dialogues. This movie will take you down the mischievous journey through their college years and how they manage their individual struggles. The movie also shows that lame bickering and distance means nothing when connections are real and deeper. Even after separated for years, the 3 idiots tend to find their ways towards each other.

Things to learn from the movie:

  • “AAL IZZ WELL” – No matters how rough time seems to be, things tend to get well at the end. Such is LIFE.
  • “Kaabil bano, Kamyabi jhak maar ke piche ayegi” – Attain proper knowledge, become wiser… success would naturally find its route to you.
  • “Life is a Race!”- Life is a ticking clock and it never waits for anyone. But also remember, everyone has their own pace. Compete only with yourself; don’t exhaust yourself in this world’s marathon. Take breaks from life, rest for a while and start moving again.
  • Don’t limit yourself from taking risks; kill your fear – who knows your simplest idea might bring a revolution.

Another relatable movie is – “DIL CHAHTA HAI”.

  1. LAKSHYA (2004)

You might find a direction for yourself after watching this Aimless and lazy man’s voyage through twists and turns. It took him 24 years of his life and 18000 feet above the ground level to realize what he was meant for.  This is one of my personal favorites. You cannot avoid getting goose bumps after you’d realize the intensity of patriotism, portrayed in this movie.

Some pearls for life:

  •  It showed us what quitting feels like. Easy at first, then unexpectedly painful.
  • Another reminder that love is important BUT it cannot be the focal point of your life.
  • Passion is irreplaceable. No matter what your goal is, what matters is that you need to work towards it with all your heart and soul.

Another beautiful patriotic watch is – “RANG DE BASANTI’’. The inspiration taken from the freedom fighters turns a group of friends into rebels for a cause. You must watch it to find out how the drama unravels!


  1. ANAND (1971)

“Babu- moshai, zindagi badi honi chahiye, lambi nahi!” (Life should be king-size and not lengthy.)

This is an old and larger-than-life tale of a young man ANAND who encountered with a fatal disease- lymphoma of the intestine. Having understood the consequences of his condition and with little time left to survive, he makes up his mind to live his remaining days to its extreme rejoice. The Doctor treating him is already grieved by the darkness & poverty that he confronts daily in his country. His patients’ condition and his positive outlook of life urge him to write a heart-wrenching bestseller based on the recorded interviews with Anand.

The harsh reality of life is balanced with some light – hearted music. Every song is a beautiful composition. And just So much to learn!


  1. QUEEN (2014)

This movie has set different examples to the norms of traditional Indian culture. A young girl as simple as this movie decides to travel to Europe for her honeymoon all alone, after her fiancé called off the wedding. Leaving all her emotions behind, she ventures out in the world to live her freedom of her own choice.

What we learn from this Queen is:

  •  Women (of all ages) must choose their own freedom. Have the courage to give wings to your flight.
  • You are your biggest happiness. Meet yourself and do things that make you happy.
  • Marriage is a part of life BUT not the entirety. Never trade marriage for your own goals.



As the title says, you are surely not going to get your life back, once it’s gone. So, make the best of it. This story of old friendship (now overburdened by the weight of their individual struggles) takes a road to the Spain, where they get a chance to relive their memories, heal some past wounds, fall in love, and overcome their worst fears by enrolling into some interesting activities.

Some perks from this movie:

  • Know the importance of relationships before money. True friends are for life. Treasure them, always!
  • Age is a natural process. It will come to everyone. BUT never let that Child in you die because it would always make you perceive life in a bigger and happier picture.
  • Seize the day, my friend! Enjoy the life in the minute that you have right now. Nobody knows tomorrow.

You can also watch “Ye Jawaani Hai Deewani” to paint a relatable picture. It’s a movie filled with lots of young flavors. Great time pass!


  1. ROCKSTAR (2011)

This is the tale of a wanna-be Rockstar paving his ways through extreme Pain- in search for music, a love so-deep, family struggles, a heartbreak, lead to success, reunion with the lost love, and a painful and lonely journey that follows afterwards. His inspiration becomes his self- destruction.

An intense story with soulful music… Perfect combination!


  1. A WEDNESDAY (2008)

This 2 hour mystery is based on a very common subject – Terror. But it doesn’t involve the usual nuisances of terrorism. The movie holds a different kind of energy which is quietly engaging.

A retired police commissioner, on his normal day receives a phone call from a common man, informing him of bomb scare in the city. He demands the release of 4 terrorists as ransom. Where the story would lead to and who all comes into play the game? Well, watch it check out what happened on WEDNESDAY. The ending is something that you would never expect. It surely is going to leave you awestruck!


  1. PK (2014)

I am sure you might have met people who are always curious to know more about everything.  They like to question every known and the unknown. This is a story of a stranger (popular as PK) who is filled with so many doubts when he tries to understand this world with its people.

His journey of love, laughter and strange questions adds different meaning to the understanding of religion and god.

It’s a beautiful chaos with wiser understanding of a sensitive subject such as – Religion. Not meant to be ignored!


  1. UDAAN (2010)

How one feels when they are forced to blossom in a confined environment against their wishes and dreams? This story depicts the hopes and fears of a teenager who after expelled from a boarding school, comes back home to his abusive and oppressive father. The boy dreams of becoming a writer but is compelled by his father to work in his factory and attend engineering college. The journey further unfolds into some surprising twists and a learning of a lifetime.


Bollywood movies are flooded with different genres but above mentioned are the selected ones. Some other brilliant movies that you can enjoy in your breaks:




  1. THE GREAT GATSBY (2013)

A tale of impossible love, dreams and tragedy!

An aspiring young writer ‘Nick’ after settling into the New York City in the rich neighborhoods of a millionaire “Jay Gatsby” discovers the fascinating wealth of his neighbor. Allured by the elaborative parties and shimmer of his neighbor’s life, he gets a closer insight to Gatsby’s world. Later he finds out that his cousin Daisy and Gatsby share a complicated romantic past that remains unsolved. And so he pens down this beautiful classic romance while witnessing every illusion and deceit of Gatsby’s rich existence.

The movie offers a lot to understand that Money cannot buy you LOVE.


  1. LIFE OF PI (2012)

What would you do if you are stranded with a bunch of wild animals on a lifeboat in huge waters?

This adventure is an ultimate compilation of hope, faith and courage, the power of not giving up, patience and perceiving life affirmatively.

A young boy ‘Pi’ with his new companion ‘Richard Parker’ (Bengal tiger) are left alone in a lifeboat in middle of the pacific, after a disaster. The story expresses the magical connection between them and the hidden world that they experience on their way to find a land.


  1. SHUTTER ISLAND (2010)

“You know what fear does to your mind? It corrodes it, rusts it!”

Two U.S. marshals are invited to a remote island to carry out the investigation of disappearance of a patient from a locked room. In the process, they uncover some shocking mysteries about the place.

Some movies have unexpected endings! Movie’s dark plot will give you a sense of some bad dream. With its twisted ending, it raises questions about your own sanity and some realities of life.



Apparently, the world is not a wish- granting factory!”

The stars haven’t been especially kind to these two lovers (both inflicted with cancer). They meet each other at a cancer support group.

Loving someone, truly, through severe sickness, isn’t easy. We see others fail under the pressure. But despite all adversities, ‘Hazel’ and ‘Gus’ found hope in all the pain. They managed to bring meaning to their every disappointment.



A major breakthrough that altered the course of medicine.

A unique partnership between a cardiologist and his lab technician broke all the rules when they took on the challenge of blue babies and invented bypass surgery. The content is filled with hints of racial injustices, resistance from the customs and their efforts to put into their new area of discovery regarding the infant heart disease.

A few more movies with some exceptional content:

Enough content to stream your lives on different channels!

College doesn’t require you to glue your brains to the books, every time. You are a normal human being and you have all the rights to enjoy your life to its littlest details. Play a sport, fall in love, get your heart broken (at least twice), get drunk (for god sake), read books other than your texts, eat, party, watch movies, invent your talents!  Academics can go hand in hand but don’t forget to see your lives out of the box.

INSPIRING MINDZ believes in profiling you in all the areas.

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