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Studying MBBS abroad has been an ongoing and popular affair from past many years. The percentage of students is increasing every year due to the quality of education and intensity of experience offered in foreign universities. INSPIRING MINDZ has been constantly making efforts to guide you and make you aware of all the possible benefits and drawbacks of pursuing medical study options abroad. Since we believe in providing quality, it’s our primary duty to pay attention to all your needs (however tiny they may appear) and illustrate all the important facts and not sugar coat things for our own benefit.

Our previous blogs have already made you well – acquainted with many characteristics regarding studying MBBS in Ukraine. This blog is going to cover one more important topic- the source and mediators of this entire journey.

Read it carefully, as it would help you in making the right decision for yourself.

Who helps you in selecting a foreign university for MBBS? How does the Visa process occur? Whom to consult for your application? How to solve your study related issues? Where to go when you find it difficult to handle your daily problems? … and to more questions like this, read further to extract out your answers.

Why is it essential to choose between Consultants, Contractors or Study Partners?  

Students dream of choosing MBBS study options abroad. But to make it happen practically, you would need to reach out to someone who will guide you through the whole procedure. The first people that you are most likely to encounter with are the CONSULTANTS. There are umpteen number of consulting agencies in India, waiting for you with never – ending study options abroad. We can completely understand that filtering out a trustworthy consultant out of the lot is one hell of a job! It’s like picking a well – edged diamond out of the irregular stones.

Consultants do an amazing work – starting from registering your application till getting you your study visa. Most of your work in India, concerned with your visa application, will be done by the consultants. They will start off by helping you in selecting the suitable country for best MBBS study options abroad. Following this, you’d be given a list of foreign medical institutes. After you have selected a place, consultants will gather all your documents, forward it to their intermediate partners (CONTRACTORS) sitting abroad, for assessment. They will assist you in getting your admission letters and invitations from the respective university in order to process your application further. They will prepare your Visa application file according to the guidelines provided by the contractors and will forward it to the embassy.

In addition to getting you your visa, consultants will also furnish you with all the required information about travelling abroad.

They will assist students in:

  • Currency exchange,
  • Arranging travel cards,
  • Weather updates and packing,
  • Travelling dates,
  • Air tickets,
  • Briefing about the destination, etc.

Great amount of help, isn’t it? But this package comes with a lot of compromises wrapped in shimmering papers.

Consultants are partnered with contractors, associated with specific foreign universities. Therefore, they provide information and admission offers only for those institutions and will not brief you with other beneficial options in the country. It’s a biased approach; but that’s what Business is!

Moreover, their work finishes in India itself and for this; you will be charged some hefty bucks for simply making you board the flight. They take no responsibility for whatsoever happens later. They are least likely going to attend to your calls in case you experience any problem. Instead, they would recommend you to talk to the contractors. Consultants would be of immense help and will tend to all your queries till you board your flight. Their duty concludes after you land on a foreign soil.

Upon landing in Ukraine, your charge would be taken over by the CONTRACTORS. They are foreign based organisations which invites students for MBBS admissions abroad with the help of consultants. In this entire process, consultants and contractors are completely dependent on each other and cannot function without mutual support. As previously mentioned, the main work of Contractors is to arrange your invitation letters for admission. Your visa application file is also assorted by them.

They are as well responsible for:

  • Arranging your pick-up from the airport,
  • Getting your immigration clearance,
  • Hostel accommodation,
  • Food and other necessities,
  • Getting your calling cards ready,
  • City tour,
  • Registration in the university,
  • Providing temporary residence card,
  • Medical insurance and other tests.

Basically, Contractors are going to be by your side during this entire time of your stay in Ukraine. They would be the ones tending to your problems from 1st to 6th year of your course duration. Since they usually are non – medical personnel, you will not get any studies related advice from them. You would have to turn to your professors or senior students in such case, who might not be always available.

But, no worries! Why is INSPIRING MINDZ here for?  With us, you would be dealt with all your doubts and we promise, you won’t regret any time being with us.

We are known as the STUDY PARTNERS because we are partners more than a business. It’s easier for us to understand your dilemma and fears about opting for MBBS study options abroad. We have lived your age and have experienced the similar feelings that you might be going through right now. We are a team of doctors, who managed to study and graduate with all the guidance we had in our hands. Travelling to and living on a foreign land can be very challenging and we certainly, don’t want our young aspiring doctors to go through any unnecessary obstacles. We are making sure that your whole journey from India to Ukraine is as smooth and flourishing.

Study Partners does the work of both consultants & contractors. We would be responsible for listing out the best medical universities for you. Unlike consultants, we will provide you with all the favourable study options along with their salient features so that you can make a comparison and decide for yourself, where you want to study. We ask you to do your own research!

Our duty will not terminate in India or in Ukraine. We are going to stand by you all along the way as far as you can reach. From getting your visa to landing you safely in Ukraine, accommodating you in hostels and for all your smallest needs, you need no other than us. We would offer everything under one roof.

The best part! You don’t have to go anywhere for your study related queries. We are doctors, and nobody can guide you as well as us. We would help you in the selection of your books for each semester. You would be mentored on how to study your various subjects and simultaneous preparation for your exams.

INSPIRING MINDZ offers exclusive range of monthly tests, questionnaire on our telegram group, and YouTube learning videos. We will not only enlighten your path through your MBBS course but we are sticking by you even after you graduate. Students would be extensively trained and taught for FMGE screening exam, USMLE steps and PLAB. We will help you in choosing the right study material for these competitive exams and other tips to crack them.

We bet you cannot find these offers anywhere else. After all, we are known as the STUDY PARTNERS for some reason.

We are one single bowl of your satisfaction, providing everything vital for you, during this entire journey.  You would not need to contact different people for your different needs. Whenever you’d feel stuck, we will never recommend you to ask someone else for help because that’s our prime responsibility to offer our services to you. Let us help your dreams come true.

Please contact INSPIRING MINDZ for more information.


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