Stay away from agents and the education consultancies

We have warned all of you time and time again to stay away from the agents and the education consultancies. Why do we do that? Do we hate them? 

In the beginning itself, we want to make this crystal clear that  WE DO NOT HATE EDUCATION CONSULTANCIES. But, we don’t like the way they work. Let us explain this to you in detail.  

Their only motto is to make money of you. You would ask us, are they doing something wrong for charging for their services? We would say, NO. They are not. But, who in the sane world charge 2 – 2.5 times, sometimes even 5 times more than the actual cost. And even after that you will be sent to a place where your future has no hopes for you.  

You will be sent to a country/university where they can make the most money. They won’t even think twice before sending you to a place where your career can finish before even taking off. We have proved this point in our previous blogs.  

When you look for something BEST, you always go to a person who is BEST in that field. But, are these agents/consultants really the BEST at their jobs? You are seeking advice from someone who has not even been to a medical school. How can they guide you towards your better future? What they know about medicine? 

Funny fact here! You must have heard from them talking a lot about MCI Exam. Reality check, MCI Exam does not exist. The exam’s name is FMGE and MCI is the body which conducts it. We hope, we’ve made it clear enough.  

Even after paying such hefty amount, you land up in a bad place. We won’t blame them for it. We would blame you. You know, why? You are lazy. You follow the crowd. How long does it take to open google and do extensive research? How long does it take to ask questions, verify facts?  

“We all learnt in the school that the sun rises from the west and sets in the east. But the reality is, it’s only the earth that rotates”. 

But, you are not entirely responsible for it. Even, the internet is filled with full of crap and it becomes really hard to distinguish between the good and the bad under such circumstances.  

If you really feel that our blogs are genuine, please spread the real information around the corner by clicking HERE

Get out of the misconception that every site ranked 1st on google is a trustworthy site. Anyone can throw some bucks and rank a website on google and can promote whatever they want to. After all, google is an advertising platform and not your well-wisher too. It all comes down to money.  

We think, you are an adult and wise enough to decide the good and bad for you. We hope that you choose the BEST. 

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