Solve any numerical in just 7 simple steps for NEET 2018

Solving numerical gives everybody a hard time. To master the act of solving numerical, one must practice plenty of them. It requires skills that only comes through diligent practice. Students usually get discouraged when they face difficulty in solving problems which is only normal.
Here are a few steps that can help you solve numerical.
  1. Understand the problem: Students usually get stuck with such questions when they don’t understand it properly or interpret it wrongly. While reading a question, make sure to understand each word and what it means.
  2. Make a list: While reading the question, make a list of all the data and quantities that have been given to you in the question. This simplifies the process as it’s easier to make sure that you aren’t missing out on anything which will cost you marks. Be careful about the units of physical quantities.
  3. Draw a suitable diagram: Make a neat, clean and properly labelled diagram depending on the nature of the problem. For eg: Force diagram if it is a problem in mechanics or ray diagram if it is a question in optics.
  4. Identify the principles and concepts: A question gets trickier as the number of concepts involved in it increase. In board exams, a numerical might only involve a single concept or formula but for JEE Main & Advanced, there might be more than two concepts involved. It is always better to understand the correct formula or the concept which will be required to solve the problem.
  5. Convert the data into algebraic equations: One of the most important steps for solving a numerical is translating the data into an algebraic equation. Numerical in board exams include concepts of mathematics like quadratic equation, properties of logarithm etc. In case of JEE Main & Advanced, more complicated formulas of calculus are used.
  6. Substitute values in the algebraic equation: After converting the data, the student has to substitute the data in the equation to solve the problem. It is always better to substitute all the values in the SI units because the values are generally given in SI units.
  7. Recheck: The most crucial point is rechecking each and every step once you finish solving the numerical. Double checking your steps and final answer is always better as you will have time to correct mistakes.
It will be difficult and time consuming but you will get better as you keep practicing more problems. This will improve your speed and boost your confidence.
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