Priceless Tips that will help you crack NEET 2018 Exam

NEET entrance exam like other competitive exams is a time bound exam. This, however, does not mean that students should start solving the question paper quickly without going through it properly. Keeping time management in mind, students should start solving the problems with moderate speed; once they get the rhythm, they can increase their speed accordingly.
In other words, they need to move themselves out of inertia and start rolling. Once you are rolling, you will be able to solve even difficult problems with the acquired momentum. To gain the momentum while solving problems, it is better to attempt questions from your favorite subject first, which will certainly help you in rolling forward. Mark the questions (on your question paper) which seem easy at prima-face and attempt these questions first.

Do not waste your time:

There is no need to hang on a single question for more than 5 minutes as this would further waste your time and thus move on to next. After all, it is an examination and your aim should be to score high by dividing your time judiciously and intelligently.

Choose the Questions to Attempt:

I would suggest you to attempt as many conceptual questions as you can, since these are relatively scoring. For comprehension related questions, read them carefully because these can be answered quickly and correctly. According to the pattern of the questions, you may opt for your favorite section/portion of the paper as per your convenience. Try to cross-check the answers by putting values in the equation(s) given.

Create a Revision Plan:

During the course of preparation, you must have a revision plan which should be interlinked topic wise and concept-wise. In addition, you can reinforce your memory by revision at regular intervals. While doing the rough work for solving questions, you must do it as neatly as possible, as this helps in revising the attempted questions. It might sound trivial but it really helps; in fact, these little things if taken into account can add much to your score. It is quite possible that you may finish your favorite subject much before, thereby devoting that surplus time on other areas which usually take more time. This will help multiply your score at the end. You must plan your time in such a manner that at the end you are left with 15-20 minutes which you can use for revision and cross-checking.

Advance Planning:

As per general perception, Physics seems difficult but you can make it easy by resorting to specific strategy. Before the D-day, revise the solved examples portion-wise because by doing so you will get a recap of the entire functional concepts involved in solutions which will save your time too.
  • Similarly, Chemistry can be the most scoring subject if you prepare and solve the questions intelligently. To finish the paper in time, attempt the theoretical questions first and then move on to the numerical portion and organic reactions. This will help you maximize your score.
  • Biology is very interesting subject as compared to Physics and Chemistry. Students need to practice as much as possible and try to concentrate fully on study in order to be successful in exam. Moreover, they should devise a strategy and study accordingly.

Positive Attitude:

Success in NEET largely depends upon your hard work, patience, confidence and conceptual clarity. If you want to be a winner in this exam, don’t lose your patience and be confident as this exam is similar to other several exams you have appeared so far. Keep yourself focused and appear in the exam with positive attitude speculating that you are going to hit the jackpot. Psychological battle starts before the real battle comes in. Every battle is first won in the mind. If your mind conceives you can, you are certainly going to crack the NEET 2017.
We wish you success and a bright future ahead!
All the Best!
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