NEET 2018 Verdict vs. MBBS Abroad

NEET 2018 Verdict vs. MBBS Abroad 

A rising hope or a dream draining into vain?

Year 2018 has been a bumpy ride – both for the students and for the Indian government. Aspiring Medical students still remain doubtful about unstable government policies. The process of giving Entrance exams and students going for MBBS abroad has been active since many years. But it’s surprising to say that even today, we are struggling to construct strong foundations considering the future of those who dream of a Medical career.
Recent Amendments in the NEET 2018 has built up layer of uniformity for Both Indian and Foreign medical aspirants. The public notice issued by Union Health ministry on 8th Feb., 2018 declared NEET to be mandatory for every Indian medical student, whether they want to study medical courses in the country or wishes to pursue MBBS abroad, in foreign medical institutions. NEET, therefore, turned out to be the single Eligibility Criteria for admissions.
Logically speaking, this is a kind of “ONE RULE FOR ALL” policy. There are several reasons behind its application:

  • Assessing the Academic potential: The purpose of NEET is to assess the basic medical knowledge of the students who are planning for higher medical studies, which is Fair enough! This exam won’t be a hurdle for the Potential candidates with firm foundation in pre – medical subjects.
  • Cross – checking into the easy overseas admission system: Here’s the Hot News!! Thousand numbers of Indian students are travelling abroad every year in pursuit of Becoming a Doctor. The admission into the foreign medical institutions seems to appear awfully easy. What’s the secret behind this?
    Well, it’s because most of the universities admit students without proper assessment criteria. Their screening methods for admissions are meager and they offer least eligibility requirements. They are easily accepting students with an aggregate of 50% in 12th boards (which, definitely is not going to tell anything about the academic capabilities of a student). Hence, Medical council of India (MCI) brought forth NEET- 2018 to do the job.
  • The Struggle with FMGE: It’s also mandatory for Indian/Overseas citizens of India applying for MBBS abroad to qualify a screening test FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduates Examination), if they wish to practice in India. But unfortunately, not everyone qualifies it in the very first go. The recent passing percentage recorded is 10-15%.
    NEET-2018 is the only reliable method to filter out the most suitable candidates, worthy of admissions into medical colleges. It is also going to improve the pass percentage for FMGE in the coming future.
  • Single Eligibility criteria: Before NEET-2018, students going out of the country for medical courses collected Eligibility Certificates from MCI. But after the alterations in the NEET-2018 pattern, it was made clear that the NEET results would be considered as the sole Eligibility criteria for MBBS admissions abroad (well! this seems to be the only door for the medical aspirants).

BUT there’s a different picture on the other side to this whole Story, which came into the limelight just a month ago.

The Medical Council and all the dreamy eyes of the aspiring students are desperately awaiting the final verdict from the High Court, New Delhi. A petition was filed in the month of August demanding One-time Exemption from qualifying NEET for the academic year 2018-19. The reasons coming forward are – that some students have already secured admissions into foreign medical institutions before this amendment was made and they seemed to be unaware of the recently changed regulations.

The main question that needs to be discussed here that why students plan in such a hurry to fly abroad for MBBS and don’t pay heed to the National entrance exams and governmental policies?
There are many underlying reasons –

  • Students don’t want to waste any time after 12th boards and they start looking for easy accessible options to enrol into Medical courses.
  • To avoid the NEET phobia, MBBS abroad option appears to be the most alluring and affordable.
  • Those who appear and qualify NEET might not secure the eligible rank for admissions into MBBS. The second option is either reappear for test or get a place in a college outside the country.
  • Not to forget about the lesser MBBS course duration, offered in many foreign universities compared to the Indian system (so, why not save the time!).

News Today

There has been certain speculation about the High Court Judgment which displays to be in favour of the petition. So according to that, the One-Time exemption might be granted to the students who DID NOT REGISTER for NEET-UG 2018 and they would be “Eligible to apply for MBBS abroad”.

While those who appeared for the exam and FAILED TO QUALIFY would not be exempted, thereby, standing “Ineligible for MBBS abroad.”

However, these are just assumptions and we firmly advise not to fall for such Fake rumours and certainly don’t initiate any foreign admission process. The Final Verdict is expected to be declared on 9/10/2018. Until then, please don’t handover your important documents to any consultants.

“How would this judgement affect the course of taking overseas admissions for MBBS? How hard would it be to secure seats in International medical colleges through NEET? What impact it will have on the FMGE results?”

There are lot of questions to be answered and who can do that better than ‘InspiringMindz’!!! We are your ultimate guide and will be there for you all along the way like a true companion. You just need to reach us and we’d take all the responsibility from there, starting from your admissions into a righteous foreign institution till you qualify the FMGE screening exam. We don’t believe in misguiding someone who has dreams in their eyes. We in fact, try our very best to make those dreams come true. We won’t force your wings to fly but we would provide you the right direction to take a flight towards your hopes.

Okay, that’s enough of flattering. Let’s come to an honest discussion

So about the Judgement, whether it comes in favour or against the petitioner, whether you get exempted from qualifying NEET or not, it really must not matter. What really should matter is that you want to study MBBS abroad and you are willing to undergo every hardship that comes along the journey. Not qualifying the NEET will have its own pros and cons. Where Pros leads you to an easy pathway, Cons will have its own reasoning.

Talking about the pros of not qualifying the NEET:

  • you would not have to face the stringent Entrance exams,
  • no need to match the Eligibility criteria and pass through screening methods,
  • easy route to MBBS admission abroad (if exempted, of course.

The cons of not qualifying NEET, on the other hand, need to be taken seriously:

  • NEET is an exam to check your knowledge of pre- medical subjects, Biology and Chemistry, being the most basic. You would be required to study these subjects along with Anatomy and Biochemistry in the very first year of your MBBS course. If you do not appear or qualify for the NEET, you are going to face some serious trouble in understanding the basics during the course (that’s a reality check).
  • This exam serves as an initial preparation to the infinite tests and assessments that would surely come by your way to the undergraduate years. It’s actually going to prep you up for the exam stress, focusing abilities, memory retaining power, reading the high-yield topics wisely, and provide you the tricks to solve the test papers. And believe me; you would need to keep all this handy. If you don’t, you will be struggling during the whole duration of your course.
  • Preparation for NEET will strengthen your basics. Avoiding it will give you hard time cracking the FMGE screening exam. You might have to undertake number of re – attempts to achieve the qualifying score. This is not only going to add up to your financial burden but will consume your precious time in getting the license to practice medicine.

As promised enough before, “Inspiring Mindz” will solve this issue for you as well. Our exclusive mentorship for qualifying the NEET exam is just a contact away. We provide number of tips and tricks to crack this exam , through our YouTube ‘NEET Series’ videos. This not only will prepare you academically but will also give an insight to the development of your learning skills. Click here for the same.

[Not only this. We also provide guidance in preparations for FMGE , USMLE, PLAB. Please follow us for all your related queries.]

  • Many agencies and consultants are going to Fake – promise you for guaranteeing your admission into medical colleges. They would enrol you into a pre – medical course followed by ensuring your entry into the MBBS. Don’t fall for that trap. It would again be a loss to your time, finances and might weaken your dreams.

The Eye Opener

“InspiringMindz” won’t do things that would be convenient to you but we will do the things which would be the best for you. Therefore, we strongly recommend you not to take a step forward without qualifying NEET if you are planning to stay for the long run in this journey.
Qualify the exam, build up a strong basic foundation, give competition to yourself and we would help you in your MBBS admissions abroad in reputed universities.

Don’t leave your future hanging because of a single obstacle. This is only going to secure your future and make you ready for every adversity. For more information, contact “inspiringmindz”.

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