MBBS in UKRAINE – Right place for a worthy Head start.

MBBS in UKRAINE – Right place for a worthy Head start.

(Study, Upgrade, Explore and Feel the EUROPE into your nerves)mbbs-in-ukraine

Yes, you heard that Right!!! There’s no more need to bang your heads in the wall and self-criticize for not qualifying that exam or not being able to make into your desired college.  We know it’s easier said than done. But don’t lose hope. We have permanent solutions to all your temporary problems. We have good MBBS study options in Ukraine.

To have a realization that we need to educate ourselves is one good thing BUT How to do it and Where to do it; is even more important to understand. This confusion has already jeopardized so many lives and we certainly don’t want YOU to become a part of this. We know that the time after the 12th boards is very straining. Both students and their parents seems to be swarming everywhere- trying every medical entrance exam, applying to whatever they see coming, undergo counselling through various organisations, huge waiting time, financial load….. and what not!

“Why this gear- pulling in such a short span and where would this acceleration lead us to?”

Maybe because students expect to obtain higher education in limited number of years, get a fulfilling job and let the life sway them into happy winds. Also, in order to avoid any fall backs into Gap years, they tend to rush the process. BUT amidst this entire race, they forget to sit back and introspect into what they really want to do and explore their interests.

As a result, such quick decisions might lead them to a wrong direction and at such a crucial stage; one step forward is going to make a huge difference.

“If you have recently passed out of 12th and dream of becoming a Doctor, you have just come to the right place! This blog is going to discuss all the pros and cons of MBBS admissions both in India and abroad. We will provide honest views as well as advises related to Medical programs, cost of MBBS, duration as well as MBBS admission process and the BEST PLACE to Study MBBS.”

Starting from our very own country, INDIA, MBBS admissions has always been very competitive and struggling. Students who wish to secure a MBBS seat into renowned institutions, however, find their dreams running at a lesser pace when they become aware of the Indian health education system and illogical reservation policies. As a result of which,

  1. Some students paddle over their dream of pursuing MBBS and go for Dentistry, BSc and other applied health science related courses; instead.
  2. The hopes of the other percentage are crushed down into bits considering the financial burden that they have to bear for MBBS.
  3. Yet, there are still some who keeps their wits intact and jostle with the entrance exams in order to get a place in Medical colleges.

MBBS admissions in India are conducted in both Government and Private medical colleges. There are various benefits and drawbacks applying to both of these.

Getting into a Government College is a thing for extremely potential candidates who are desperately seeking their dream of becoming a Doctor and are willing to sacrifice their days and nights to get the higher ranking in National entrance exams like NEET. Some beneficial factors:

  • The MBBS curriculum is regulated under the policies of Medical Council of India and the Degree is well recognised all over world.
  • Experienced academic faculty and infrastructure.
  • Strong base with the government/civil hospitals which, in turn, provides:
  1. Good internship experience,
  2. Huge patient inflow,
  3. More exposure and practice.
  • Low cost of MBBS course (for those securing positing through NEET).

BUT some students have to turn their backs to study MBBS in govt. Colleges. There are limited seats available which can only be secured through a higher rank in NEET. The current cut-off for MBBS admission at such places is 550+/720 and not everyone can get a score as high for availing the MBBS admissions (Tough luck!).

On the contrary to this, Private Colleges might be a bit easier to get into, especially for those with strong financial background. The admissions are carried out through counselling based on NEET scores. Some private institutions also conduct their own entrance exams for MBBS admissions. In case you don’t qualify for the either of two, you can be offered a place with the help of some Capitation fees. (There you go, still stand a chance!)

BUT don’t get enticed with their shimmering buildings and advertisements. Some private colleges in remote areas don’t hold any recognition and the quality of education offered is bogus. Plus the Fees for MBBS at such places is horrendously high (utter misuse of your resources and time).

While the MBBS duration is India is systematically spanned over 5.5 years and there are extensive options available for MBBS admissions, still it is not a cakewalk and no single source can be trusted. Students really need to stay updated and they must take time to extend their research before choosing anything!study-mbbs-abroad

MBBS options Abroad

(….. For those medical aspirants who don’t want to stay by the norms and want to venture into other parts of the world to explore their MBBS journey!!!)

There’s abundant of information available on the Google about various medical study programs abroad. It further keeps on distributing into many sub- links and blogs detailing endless number of universities for MBBS admission in different countries.

BUT Stay aware!! There’s lot of fabricated information on some sites giving false information about the Best universities for MBBS, duration and cost of MBBS. Many of them don’t even exist. The websites display forgery as they are not genuinely ranked. There’s a different business going on. Anyone can Top Rank their websites or Universities with money. Such universities will offer very cheap fees for MBBS (the best way to tempt the medical students!). They would try to contact you repeatedly to mark their authenticity, but we warn you to stay away from these misconceptions.

There are many other genuine MBBS study options available in some countries. HOLD ON! Before you make up your mind for it, let us help you review those programs into depths. All universities advertised on the internet or through agencies are not the best in terms of MBBS admissions and the quality of education, offered.mbbs-in-china

CHINA is a beautiful country and geographically closer to India. It has rich heritage and lot of students approach for MBBS study options there. Some of the medical institutions offer affordable costs for MBBS and duration of the course is also similar to that of India. But every place has its own downfalls.

  • Students can experience lingual difficulties in academics as well as socially. In spite of the studies in English language, not everyone knows the English.
  • The official Chinese language ‘Mandarin’is very difficult to learn and you might have to struggle in communication with your professors and other people.
  • The local food of china is quite different from that of India, so it might take time for you to adjust (especially for vegetarians!).
  • Some of the affordable colleges don’t fall into the list of ‘World Directory of Medical schools’, which will render you ineligible for exams like FMGE, USMLE, PLAB. (Choose wisely!)


RUSSIA is the other popular destination for studying MBBS abroad. The main problem that medical students face after enrolling into MBBS program is the bilingualism of the course. It’s mandatory in some parts of the country to study MBBS in both English and Russian languages. (It’s not even worth the time!) mbbs-in-philippines

PHILLIPINES has its own reasons. It boasts of offering the lesser MBBS course duration of just 4.5 years. (You might want to save your time!) BUT if you ask us, this isn’t the sufficient time to understand all aspects of medicine. MBBS is a huge course with very vast information and it’s unlikely to conclude it in such short time period.

The 4.5 years duration of MBBS is distributed into 3 years of medicine study plus 1.5 years of internship. Again, it’s not possible to cover all the pre-clinical and clinical subjects in just 3 years. (Definitely, not ideal!)mbbs-in-georgia

Colleges in GEORGIA do not offer stable MBBS course duration. They can expand the MBBS course to 4 or 5 or even 6 years without pre-informing the students. Other setbacks to MBBS study program here:

  • The total population of Georgia is equivalent to the Kiev (Capital city of UKRAINE). This is an important reason behind decreased patient inflow and thus, providing you with lesser patient exposure.
  • According to their protocols, the interaction between medical students and patients is not encouraged.
  • Anatomy is best learned from Cadavers and there’s shortage of availability of cadavers in most of the medical universities. If health care system doesn’t take initiatives in spreading awareness about the Body Donations, this problem is going to persist for many years.

Lot of issues with medical sciences, so where to precede with your MBBS study options abroad?mbbs-in-ukraine

“UKRAINE” – the Best place to land…

INSPIRING MINDZ offers exclusive support and guidance for all your MBBS study options abroad. It’s true that not all universities in Ukraine would be right for you. But you don’t need to worry about this!

We only do admissions in well recognized Colleges of Ukraine, which are publicly ranked based on their performances and quality of education. Some of the top universities are:


Our MBBS admissions in Ukraine are entirely based on your NEET qualifying scores. (This is done in order to prepare you for continuous assessments during the MBBS course and secure your future for the long term.) We don’t require you to score top rank in NEET but just qualifying the exam would be enough to get you into the Best medical universities in Ukraine.

[For NEET preparation, exam pattern, tips to study; we also have experienced team to guide you through this. Please subscribe to our YouTube NEET series videos and also join our TELEGRAM group for more updated information and monthly tests.]best-mbbs-college-in-ukraine


Ukraine is a part of Europe and besides studies; you can discover a beautiful continent. People speak both English and Ukrainian languages. We bet, you can’t put it off your list after considering the following facts:

  • Universities well recognised by WHO, MCI.
  • Teaching in English; experienced faculty of doctors.
  • Everyday assessments and practical exams.
  • Duration of MBBS in Ukraine = 6 years; [3 years- preclinical subjects, 3years- Clinical subjects + hospital rotations].
  • Internships starts from 3rd
  • Good patient-doctor interaction, practice allowed with Ukrainian patients.
  • Best infrastructure and lab. facilities.
  • Students can assist surgeries with the Doctors.
  • Special Ukrainian language classes from 1styear for your better communication.
  • Student accommodations available both on campus and off campus.
  • Cost of MBBS in Ukraine is very affordable.
  • Friendly people and surroundings.
  • Safe environment for students.
  • Beautiful European landscape with oceans, mountains and rain.
  • Easy visa services in case, you plan to visit other European countries.
  • Sufficient mentorship to students: right from their admissions till they qualify MCI.

You will find plenty of advertisements and agencies attracting you to apply for MBBS Study abroad. They will surely get you admitted into certain medical colleges in Ukraine but they won’t provide you with any mentorship. They are just business people with no medical background.

INSPIRING MINDZ doesn’t fake-advertise itself because the Best doesn’t need any validations. We rather stay low-key and take the whole responsibility of assessing your eligibility, sort out your MBBS admissions and get you into a good college. We are a team of Medical Doctors who graduated from UKRAINE itself. We bet none can mentor you better than us. (and you’d like to go visit a dentist for a dental pain and not a cobbler).

Why INSPIRING MINDZ is different from the rest?

We have our own assessment methods to filter out the eligible candidates, suitable for MBBS admissions abroad. Based on which, we provide unique offers to the students. And guess what? We extend 100% fee waiving options and other exciting scholarships for the most deserving students.

MBBS Admissions aren’t difficult but getting used to the study patterns of Europe surely is.  Transition from Indian study patterns to European can be a struggling task. We’d keep you aware of the curriculum and the study modules from the very 1st year. Because all semesters are correlated with one another, we surely don’t want you to be lagging behind during your MBBS course. We’d be there with you constantly in Ukraine to handle all your issues personally.

During the course, you will be exposed to many medical conferences within your university. This will not only enhance your knowledge but also prepare you for vast career opportunities. Students scoring well during their MBBS course years will also be extensively sponsored by INSPIRING MINDZ for the International Medical Conferences held in countries like Germany and Poland.

After you graduate, we’ll also counsel you for your FMGE screening exam preparations. If you wish to practice in countries like USA/UK , we’d also provide adequate guidance in cracking those licensing exams.

So basically INSPIRING MINDZ covers everything. What else are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity! Have no second thoughts! Believe in us! Next sessions are starting soon…! Follow INSPIRING MINDZ for more MBBS related information.

[We recommend students to do some self research, authenticate your options and if you still have any doubts, you are always welcome!!!]

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