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Studying abroad is one those opportunities that come you don’t come across often. I know that most of you want to go for an MBBS degree in some renowned college. What if I say this opportunity do exist and in Ukraine!

Ukraine is one of the best country for MBBS where international students go for a higher degree. From 2002, Ukraine has been a growing country for foreign students such as India.   Overall more than 31% of foreign population choose their MBBS colleges over other countries. The leading cause for this is being able to get the best quality education on affordable fees!

That’s why in this blog, I’ll be covering one of the best medical universities, with higher educational standards – Lviv National Medical University. Lviv excel at their top notch educational facilities with their MBBS fees and their highly praised reputation in the world. Almost every year, thousands of foreign students take admission here and complete their course in a better environment. So, if you want to study MBBS in Ukraine and build a great career for you, then this blog will definitely come in handy.  

Lviv National Medical University: A History worth Mentioning

It all goes back to 1661, when the Jesuit Collegium was first established as an academy via the honor of Polish King John II Casimir, on January 20. The university was founded on the basis of the Jesuit Collegium.

The university had four departments and got the honor of being a university then. Although the medical department was not established just right after the conventional university. The university broke up in 1773 and only then the medical department started.

The Lviv University revived in 1784, rendering to the privilege of Austrian emperor Joseph II, with just four faculties. The university only has philosophy, medicine, law and theology back then. And that was the starting point of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University.

Right after 1961, they stated taking foreign students and over these 50 years more than 2.5 thousand international students graduated from their MBBS admission program. Many of which are still working there as an established doctor and teacher. The integration of English medium stated a bit late but more than 70% international students now take it in the MBBS course.

Reputation in World Ranking

Lviv National Medical University has a ranking of 3854 in the whole world with their MBBS study. Taking all of this into account and with their international reputation as one of the best MBBS College in world, many contributors come forward each year to help them grow and bear other scholarship expenses for foreign students.

Cost of Living

I’m not going to lie, living cost in Lviv is a bit higher than most other cities of Ukraine. Although according to all the facilities the cost is not a big deal. If you want to live comfortably in any place, you have to be willing enough to spend some extra money.
The minimum cost for living varies from time to time but it’s not more than $150-$200. Lviv, is one of the most convenient place for staying securely. But keeping all the perspective in mind you won’t have to spend more than $200-$250 (excluding tuition fee).

Although you should always keep extra cash with you in case of any crisis. As there are many foreign student going for an MBBS degree, you’ll get money transfer facilities always being available at your door. So, living there shouldn’t be a problem for you.


Other Fun Facts about LNMU

On accordance for the changes in educational process, Lviv National Medical University was chosen as the rudimentary educational organization in the Ukraine. Not only that but also, the university will be joining world health and education areas for more profound research purposes.

Nevertheless, LNMU is actively working with many medical instituted across the globe including, India, Peru, Malaysia, Western Europe, Pakistan, Middle East countries, and so on.
The research team of LNMU directly works with other leading research faculties of Belgium, France, Hungary, Germany, Canada, Poland, USA, Sweden, and Australia, making their way into the top notch research facilitates in the world.

International Student Rate

The facilities in Lviv National Medical University make it one of the best course for MBBS with less fees in the world. Every year 5150 international students are getting their medical admission at LNMU. It started way back in 1960, and after that almost 2000 international countries from Asia, America, Europe and Africa have completed their study for MBBS in Ukraine.

Over 330 medical student have completed their post graduate courses and more than 70 is now a professor in the university. So, you see this can be a great opportunity for you to grow your career in this field.

LNMU Academic Facilities

Lviv National Medical University is one of the modern universities in the country leading with so many facilities that they offer to the students. With 14 academic campuses and 40 educational and industrial pharmacy and clinical base, the university has exceled their quality in teaching. Students get all of their practical experiences from the clinical departments, which are all situated within Lviv.

All the department and high quality and modern equipment’s and they are updated on regular basis. The university all covers many of their courses over the internet. So, they have compute classes too. Even the library has more than 530 thousand books in their reserve.

Major faculties include: dental, medical, pharmaceutical, postgraduate and preparatory. They also include Clinical Pathology, Laboratory of Industrial Toxicology, Research centers for testing new medicines and psychology.

The local students have to go through an MBBS entrance exam before the admission. But it’s not eligible for international students.

Language Preferences

Main courses such as – medicine, pharmacy and dentistry are thought in three languages – Ukrainian, Russian and English. Implementation of English stated out in 1998 and it only grew after that.

Students first have to learn Ukrainian language for the basic departments as physics, chemistry and biology. After passing, they will be certified for starting their first year in English and continue the course from there.

Hostel and Accommodation Facilities

Each students have to pay the accommodation fee just once in a year and that’s $1200. The hostels are situated around the campus and students will get all sorts of facilities from it. The rooms are well furnished with a kitchen for every two rooms.

Each room has two beds, shelfs for cloths, table, Wi-Fi facility, attached bathroom, free electricity and furniture’s. Now Indian canteen is being established there as we speak for all the Indian students.  

Lviv National Medical University is truly on of the low cost MBBS admission program in Ukraine. If you really want to study MBBS in foreign countries then you should definitely consider LNMU. 
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