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[Clearing the misconceptions]MCI-EXAM-PASSING-PERCENTAGE

A lot has been talked about, overheard, read and discussed by now.  There are endless facts and myths mouthing out in the world, just enough to baffle your conscience. Foreign medical degrees are much in demand these days considering the equally competitive environment for aspiring medical students in India. But, this ever growing demand and popularity comes with its own pros & cons!

Going abroad for MBBS seems like an escape route for the students who don’t want to work up their lazy brains for the competitive entrance exams or the ones who are financially well off that they doesn’t have to produce a second thought before emptying their pockets.

Wait! There’s another category of students who choose this path of MBBS study abroad. This might not be there first choice but their circumstances turns favourable in such a way that they are urged to go down this road. Slapped by failed attempts in NEET exam or not qualifying it to the desired rank and being hit with the lack of financial resources makes them ineligible in one way or the other to secure MBBS admissions in government/ private medical institutions in India. Thus, rendering them with one option – MBBS study abroad!

As common as it has become now to travel to foreign destinations for MBBS degree, different people react differently to this booming business. Their perceptions are however, governed by whatever their minds are fed with. INSPIRING MINDZ doesn’t wish to snap off your individual thoughts and disregard your beliefs. But we are here to present you with the actual underlying facts and also stand firmly to support some of your misconceptions. We don’t believe in keeping the future of our young students under the comfort of a shade but we want to mirror out every possible burning ray of sunlight so that you can make decisions about your future after reviewing everything. Yes! You have that freedom with us. You will not be forced for anything.

Getting MBBS degree from a foreign medical institute (like in Ukraine) is seen positively by many students. They want to go out of the norms to acquire higher medical education and expose themselves to a new medical era. I mean what’s better than graduating as a Doctor from a foreign land while simultaneously experiencing the authentic European habitat!!

But with surplus number of students out-flowing every year to Ukraine in pursuit of MBBS degree also raises a lot of questions. Being such a readily available option, MBBS study abroad has some stigmas attached to it.

Let’s begin by wiping away the freckles of disbelief from your curious mind. Not everything that you know of about MBBS study abroad would be correct. But I would also not deny that some of the reasons that are making you revise your decision about studying MBBS abroad might be true to a fault. So it’s really important we talk openly about it and present a clear screen in front of all of you.

“It’s easier to get MBBS admissions in medical universities of Ukraine.”

May be but easy isn’t always good. The criteria for MBBS admissions in Ukraine depends entirely on the type of medical university you choose to go to. There’s a medical institution in almost every city of Ukraine but not all of them are recognised and provide quality education. Some of them are just there merely for the name sake.

Third grade & non – affiliated medical colleges offer direct admissions to the foreign students in exchange of some dollars and reward cheap degrees without giving any basic knowledge of medicine. This accounts for a risky medical career!

Most of the well known medical universities have universal admission criteria.  Students are taken in based on 50% aggregate (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry) in the 12th boards.  That is actually an easy obstacle to cover! But INSPIRING MINDZ doesn’t focus on the easy things. We want to give you what’s best for you.  Taking into account all the recent updates of Medical Council of India (MCI), we have set a specific criterion for all foreign MBBS admissions. All students desirous of MBBS study abroad would be required to qualify the NEET with any qualifying score (in addition to the 50% in PCB).  Because we want to give the world young and skilled doctors, this would be an ideal way to assess their previous medical knowledge and their ability to handle the pressure of a medical journey. You would be going to the best medical universities of Ukraine, you got to grind up a little bit more. Fair enough!

[To ease your nerves, we offer exclusive range of NEET preparation videos. Do check our YouTube channel or more information.]

“Study MBBS in Ukraine at low tuition fee.”

Yes, you heard that right! At least it’s cost effective than other countries and private colleges in India.  Studying MBBS in Ukraine, if you have stringent financial resources, is the best pathway to your venture of becoming a doctor. Students can also support themselves by doing part –time work.  Less financial burden and more focus on your dreams, what else can you ask for? It’s time to fly high!

But students need to be aware of some things before selecting a university. There are abundant of advertisements about medical universities that offer MBBS courses at dirt cheap prices. Just keep in mind that everything that’s selling isn’t always gold.

Reach out to INSPIRING MINDZ and we’ll help you in making a better choice.

“Foreign medical institutions lack necessary infrastructure to train the young doctors; hence, students are deficient of clinical knowledge.”

This is a sheer False Statement. We being Doctors ourselves know the importance of practical training in medicine. Just think that why would we support you for MBBS study abroad, if that was the case?

Our recommended universities are listed among the top medical universities of Ukraine. They are well – recognised and included in the list of “World Directory of Medical Schools.” You would be completely eligible for writing any medical exam (USMLE, MCI, PLAB, PRES, AMC) from any part of the world.

The best medical institutions in Ukraine are equipped with all the basic amenities and have attached multi-speciality hospitals. You will get the theoretical as well as practical training to your satisfaction. Highly advanced cadaver dissection labs, specimens in histo-pathology departments, autopsies in forensic labs, Audio-Visual learning – all this makes your education experience the most interesting and illustrative.

“Lingual differences and less patient exposure are breaches to the medical practice in Ukraine.”

This needs to be explained.  With different territories, come cultural differences. Ukraine has its own local language which is also taught to the students for most years of their MBBS course duration. Nevertheless, the entire teaching of MBBS subjects is done in English. All your texts and notes would solely be taught in the English language.

Various hospital departments are established all around the university campus. From third year onwards, you’d be going for clinical rotations in the hospitals & clinics. So there’s no chance of you skipping your practical training. Huge patient inflow in such teaching hospitals will provide you with adequate clinical exposure and ample time to learn the practical skills during your MBBS course. Patients are extremely cooperative when it comes down to examining them or taking their history. Students would also be allowed to visit and assist surgeries.  So, where are the breaches again?

“Foreign medical universities are corrupted because students pay to pass the exams.”

I won’t deny this. Paying for the exams is very common and disgraceful thing and it’s openly taking place in many undignified universities. Both university authorities and students are guilty for this abject scenario.

Not everyone goes abroad for MBBS to fulfill a dream. Some students just fly offshore to buy MBBS degree only to add a tag into their personality. They are the ones who doesn’t take the course seriously and look for easy methods to keep qualifying the semester exams. Such corruption is tarnishing the whole “MBBS study abroad” image, endangering the future possibilities for others.

The medical universities enlisted with INSPIRING MINDZ are far away from this condemnation. The best things are capable of shielding themselves from the dirt of this world. Our highly ranked institutions offer serious & systematic study modules. You would be given 3 attempts to pass any exam. It helps in encouraging students towards studies and also teaches them a valuable lesson that they can always try after failing. Failure doesn’t stop you from moving forward, it’s the attitude of not trying one more time!

You and we together can put an end to this corruption!

“Most of the foreign medical graduates aren’t qualified enough to pass the FMGE screening exam.”

Well, consider what you must! But there are many underlying reasons for less passing percentage of MCI exam. Some drastic fluctuations have been graphed in past MCI results. This has been a corner of stress for many young medical students who are still convincing themselves about whether to pursue MBBS study options abroad. Dude, this is what we call a completely unnecessary MCI exam phobia.

People have ill – beliefs etched into their minds about MCI. I mean it’s just an exam like rest of the exams of the world, big deal! If I and my fellow mates can crack it, I am sure everyone can and kindly trust me on this.

The bigger chunk of this phobia is contributed by the societal factors.

[[You’d be constantly discouraged mainly by your associates if you fail to qualify this exam on time. Your hard-work of 6 long years won’t define anything unless you pass MCI exam. In spite of attaining best medical knowledge, your reputation will drop down to the qualifying scores of this exam. People around will start assuming you to be not skilled enough to practice as a Doctor. You will naturally develop this notion that foreign medical graduates aren’t welcomed well enough and rendering you with bleak career possibilities.]]

Give yourself a break! Don’t let these silly things demotivate you and alter your future decisions. Every country has its own unique education pattern and when you decide to give exam for a different setting, you need to adjust with the newer pattern. That’s all; this is the only recipe for cracking this exam.

In Ukraine, nobody will guide you on how to study effectively for your entire course and what high- yield to focus on for MCI exam. Indian textbooks remain forgotten in shelves and students just pass exams with the help of local texts & notes. This type of study protocol is never going to take you places or enhance your knowledge.

We didn’t have anyone to guide us but you have INSPIRING MINDZ to help you get rid of this tangential burden. We are doing everything possible in our capacity to make you equally competitive to the Indian medical education. We advise you to be thorough with your textbooks during MBBS years. We are also conducting coaching classes for MCI in the university premises to add up to your knowledge and make you aware of the exam pattern. You would be assessed through regular monthly tests. You just need to be honest with your learning and nothing can stop you from acing your dreams, thereafter.

I can say it with affirmation because I were also you, once; young & confused. But I took a leap of faith, entered into a good medical school in Ukraine, graduated, and qualified the MCI exam. It’s a road worth taking. Trust in yourself and in INSPIRING MINDZ.

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