How to avoid getting DEPORT while studying abroad?


How to avoid getting DEPORT while studying abroad?

It does sound scary as it must! It might turn out to be the worst nightmare for anyone who wishes to study abroad.

From the land of Origin, students turn their heads towards their land of dreams, in a hope for a brighter future. Mustering all their courage and determination in their hearts, they undergo every possible procedure to make things happen and land in their dreamland. But not everything is a cakewalk!

Migration from one country to another is regulated under very stringent immigration laws. The people in the embassy and those sitting at the airports, giving you dreadful looks while you pass through the customs, are no fools! They would inspect everything of yours that’s in existence. If nothing goes wrong, you would legally be allowed the entry and stay to the desired place.

But … if the eagle’s eye of immigration officers caught some fishy thing concerned with you, they are definitely going to deport you without expecting any of your explanations in return.

Such is the system. The more you fight, the worse it gets!!!

Where going for study abroad might be a crucial step, getting documentation and all other stuff Right, is equally important. You cannot afford to ignore any details, as it can cost you your chance of studying abroad. INSPIRING MINDZ takes into account the gravity of this whole process and thereby, takes full responsibility of the repercussions, if any.


Let’s make you aware of some of the reasons that you need to consider while travelling for study abroad.


If you don’t take note of all these factors (while being overwhelmed with the excitement for a foreign land), it might lead to your Deportation!!!



  • Insufficient Documents

You are required to cross through different check points at the Airport. Without proper documents, you would not be allowed to pass from one stage to another. If found any missing or faulty document, that would be a clear indication of your deport.

Keep all the necessary documents in a file and make sure that file sits in your handbag rather than luggage bag. (For safety reasons, keep Xerox copies of all the documents in your luggage.)

Some extremely important papers that you need to keep handy –

  • Valid passport with Study Visa of Ukraine,
  • Invitation/Admission letter from the respective university,
  • Proof of Fee payments,
  • Accommodation documents
  • Air tickets,
  • Travel/medical insurance, etc.


  • Cash in Hand

Students usually refrain from carrying heavy amounts of money while travelling abroad. But Ukrainian immigration has set some new rules about the limits of carrying currency. You are required to possess sufficient funds for your first semester fee and other related travel expenses. You can carry it as cash or in travel cards. 

In case, you are found with less than the set amount, you’d be labelled as ineligible to support your expenses on a foreign land and you might be sent back to your homeland.


  • The Language

Ukraine comes in the European Union and has its own national language, other than English. Some students come from a different background with lesser understanding of English. Having known the lingual differences between their native and foreign country, they might not ponder upon this fact much.

For your information, airport authorities are becoming strict with huge inflow of foreign students into their country, every year. They conduct interviews to examine your English language skills.


  • Suspicion of the Destination

 What’s new trending these days?

Well, immigration officers have become more mindful of the possibilities that a student after landing into Ukraine might be planning to fore seek their escape into other European countries.

Seems like an awesome getaway! No?  But you can’t skip from their interrogation, if you fall into any such doubts.


            Clear your facts before proceeding further:


  • If YOU ARE planning any above mentioned adventure, curb down your fantasy right now if you really want to study MBBS abroad.
  • If YOU ARE NOT thinking of any such thing, and you have been in contact lately with any of your kin residing in Europe (France, Germany, Italy), it’d be best for you to delete all social network history from your accounts before travelling.

If inspected, you will surely land yourself into a big problem!




Immense bliss to roam freely on the open grounds of your dream destination! BUT don’t take that freedom for granted, because you are just a temporary resident of the country. Keep following points in your mind to avoid trouble.


  • Empty bags

For a foreign student, breathing that fresh air of the new place and excitement of exploring the streets is comparable to no other joy.

[Don’t worry! We are not going to put confines to your this expedition.] But we advise you to always carry a handful of necessary documents in a bag with you. 

Original documents might not always be feasible to carry along but Xerox of some must always be there with you (Passport copy with valid visa, student card, contact information, Medical insurance, etc).

So that you can easily produce a proof of your stay in the country, in case you encounter with an official in the city.


  • A brush with newly-gained FREEDOM

Haah, this is what we must talk about!

Because you are no longer under the constant watch of anyone, your numbed adrenaline can tempt you to try things out of your wits. It’s not at all bad to some extent unless you are harming yourself or anyone else with your keen desires.

Don’t rush into anything, adapt with the new environment gradually, learn things around yourself, greet people gently, be friendly but not over familiar.


  • Disregarding Hostel Rules

It’s made mandatory for students to stay in hostels for a period of a year or two after coming to Ukraine. As they are not familiar with the place and people, a hostel stay is compulsory for their own benefit.

But there are some stubborn souls who are coaxed by their peers to rent accommodations in the city. With no proper registration and documentation, they fall prey to adverse outcomes.

We recommend not to venture onto such journeys without proper information and paperwork.


  • Medical status

Like other countries, Ukraine is very particular about its health regulations. It demands proper verification of health status of every visiting student. In spite of all necessary protocols and quarantine facilities available, every student must be vaccinated and also checked for HIV status.

You must have the reports during your registration process.

In some countries like Israel, Egypt, Taiwan, you can be deported based on your HIV results. These countries are like nightmares to HIV victims.


  • Local laws

These are different from country to country and place to place. Get used to the surroundings before participating into one. You can take into account whatever you can think of.

  • Restaurant etiquette
  • Public travel manners
  • Pedestrian crossing
  • Behavior with the locals
  • Mocking or ragging
  • ill – commenting
  • invading privacy

Violation of these laws might seem to be a too lame reason for deportation, but locals can surely file complaints against you with the police; and you definitely don’t want any such record in your abroad travel history!


  • Fun to another level

Sounds exciting, yeah? The consequences might not seem the same way, though!!!

We are talking about the ‘Fun to extreme levels’, here. Come on, run your brains and think of all the possible things that you can try in absolutely different part of the world.

Let me name some for you-

  • Consumption of Alcohol & other illegal substances (P.S. Alcohol isn’t illegal in foreign countries). There you go, rookies!!
  • Stalking people
  • Dealing hard drugs
  • Fraudulent marriages
  • Smuggling individuals, illegally into the country
  • Travelling illegally to other parts of the Europe (without visas)
  • Robbery

Once you get caught engaged in any of the above, No one can save you from entering into that phase of trials and investigation. You can be imprisoned, expelled from the university, or finally get deported!


  • Violence / ill behave

Carrying unlicensed firearms around and indulging into open fights will put you into a list of suspects. Your rage will instigate others as well. There would be an equal reaction to every action.

Use of weapons, physical abuse, sexual assault, attempt to murder and any other possible form of ill behavior are enough to get a direct deport stamp on your passport pages.

This gift will hamper all your future abroad visits. A blot for lifetime! 


  • Exceeding work hours

This is a serious issue in many developed countries. Students compromise with their studies by doing part- time jobs for extra hours than the prescribed ones.

They might be in dire need of money to support their living but that’s a violation of immigration laws. Once charged, students might have to make some compromises.


  • Fudging with credentials / Academic performance

There are some among you gifted with extraordinary minds. But instead of using it in studies, they try to find their ways out from it.

Students tend to skip classes, fail exam attempts and later indulge in getting their credentials right in ill – mannered ways.

The most you can get out of this is expulsion from the university. But if you repeat things at other places, you would most likely be deported back and might also get blacklisted from any future admissions abroad.


  • Over speeding the guts

It’s easy to rent the cars to drive, in abroad. But obeying the traffic rules can be a problem. Driving without licence and on the top of it, exceeding speed limits might seem adventurous at first, but nobody’s going to tolerate a foreign student disobeying the country laws.

You need to be extra careful and considerate towards the population you are going into.

No matter what might be the reason, to get deported from a country can be one of your worst experience ever encountered. It’s a serious issue and absolutely not any kind of adventure. The word “Deport” can put a student’s whole life at risk. There are thousands of consulting agencies promising what not and might put you into such threats by committing forgery.

Be aware of things happening around you. There’s a whole world around you and always offering more to learn. Be mindful about choosing study options abroad. INSPIRING MINDZ is always there in case you can’t make a decision or have doubts. We welcome all your suggestions and feedback. Please, reach out to us!!

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