Five ways to prepare for CBSE Pre-Board Exams


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Do you hear that sound…?  NO?…Probably, your sensory receptions might have been numbed down by some kind of constant internal anxiety, raging within you. Well, I can clearly hear that sound! It’s the ‘Exams’ knocking at your doorsteps, waiting for all of you to open the doors and welcome them and I am sure you are sensing the vibrations too.

CBSE Boards – the name itself is enough to send those chilly shivers down your nerves and scare you off. But I tell you, it’s just another kind of phobia that you need to overcome. It’s just an exam, ‘whole life is an exam’ and CBSE pre-boards / boards / NEET are all just minor parts of this huge and endless assessment.

The fire has already started to ignite and you might be sensing the warmth of the same in the form of ongoing PRE – BOARDS in your school. I have been there in this phase myself. I remember when I was giving my pre – boards; I had completely lost the orientation of time & space and had sleepless nights. I mean what else would you expect if you have exams every single day, for the whole week? Our school used to conduct Pre-Pre-Boards & Pre-Boards before the actual Boards happened to us. So we all can clearly imagine the level of stress amidst such busy schedules! But instead of treating the Pre-boards as another reason to pressurise yourself and accentuate stress levels, the main idea behind its preparation should be to know your weaker areas and hence, plan your studies effectively.

I have very commonly observed now a days and also when I was in school that students have variable attitude towards these Pre-Board exams. Some treat them as the real board exams and thus, keep their preparations up to that level. While others take pre-boards quite casually assuming that the scores would least affect their final results and as a consequence, they lack complete preparation for the actual CBSE Boards.

Everything in this universe is made for a reason. And yes, even the CBSE Pre-boards! The initial three months of your next year would be consumed entirely by your Final CBSE board exams. There would be no time for adopting new methodology and applying strategies in your learning patterns. This wouldn’t be a wiser thing to do at the peak time. All you need to be doing is just read, understand and revise. So make enough use of this “Pre-boards” phase as they act as a wake-up call and will help you plan your days ahead.  tips-to-prepare-for-cbse-boards

Since INSPIRING MINDZ feels the need to stir your lazy heads and fire up your neurons; we are highlighting some common yet firmly explained tips to make you realize the importance of your time prior to your CBSE Boards.

1.  Stick with your own learning pattern (whatever suits you the Best)


Because all you young minds are in a very vulnerable phase right now, you’d be exposed to umpteen numbers of suggestions and feedbacks. That too free of cost!

Your anxious brain might urge you to go online and look for help or ask friends / teachers for guidance in preparing for your boards and preliminary exams like NEET. This is actually a good thing; to communicate, to talk out your feelings and ask for help. But finding help from outside will dis-balance your own individual capabilities!

  • Everyone has a unique way of studying; you just need to find out yours. Sit with your books, focus on your texts, make notes, and highlight the areas that you don’t understand, discuss or search about it.
  • For me personally, sitting and reading alone helps to grasp and understand things better. But if you feel comfortable in group studies or discussions with your friends, go for it. Just remember when it’s study time, its study time!
  • Don’t compare your speed with that of your friends’ or try fitting into the time-tables made by others. It’s very usual to keep checking on your friends on how many chapters they have covered & then you feel discouraged and you would rush into things just to win this meaningless race. I did it myself, so I know about all this crap! It’s dangerous, I repeat it’s dangerous… don’t do it! MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS.
  • You might have heard about the strict rule of the “number of study hours”. People would advise you to have sittings of 10-12 hours of study-only-time. But I would like to recommend you the recipe of “Quality over Quantity”. Time management is really important during exam preparations but don’t confine your learning to the number of hours. Read your topics well even if they take longer time than expected. The key here is to understand and not run! That’s what Pre-boards helps you in… They enhance your learning and time management skills.

study-schedule-for-cbse-boards2. Understand & Imagine


There are different ways of learning – getting into the depths of concepts, memorizing/ cramming, superficial reading & reframing own answers, word to word learning, etc. Some people retain information by using the power of their visual memory.

There are varied topics of each subject. Some areas will just demand mugging up of the facts while others would require deep conceptual understanding and you also have to save some diagrams or processes in your imagination. So you see, learning is a blended process!

  • Never solely rely on your cramming skills. It won’t retain in your memory for long and would confuse you even more. But there are certain fact-based topics that you can’t help but simply memorize. Try to understand the associated information with those facts and then simply link them up to remember them for long.
  • If you read any cycles in biology or the models in chemistry & physics; make diagrams, tables or flow charts, try to imagine it and teach yourself. Believe me, imagination is the power!
  • After mastering your NCERT textbooks and lecture notes, scan the previous year exam papers. It will familiarize you with the exam pattern, marks distribution for topics and popular questions. Practice more question banks and mock tests, it’s only going to make you perfect!

    3.  Accepting and improving is the key

Be humble while preparing for the CBSE boards. If you master a concept or score good in your Pre-boards, don’t let that sit in your head for long. There’s still a long way to go! Don’t let the air of overconfidence pass by you and never stop hustling & revising your texts.

Learn from the mistakes that you did in your Pre-boards, accept them and alter your ways of studying.

  • Know your weaknesses, try to improve them first rather than postponing them till the end.
  • Put more focus to the tough subjects/topics; give enough time to understand the concepts.
  • The formulae, theorems, definitions, and other tricky facts might be hard to mug up. But don’t let this become your disadvantage. Write such things down on sticky notes or flash cards and keep reading them again and again whenever you get free time.  

    4. Don’t ignore yourself

The stress & schedule of exams can take a toll over your mental, emotional & physical health. Your brain is constantly at work during the entire duration of your pre-boards & CBSE boards. Therefore, you need to fuel your brain cells adequately and let them rest as well. Don’t take yourself granted for the sake of your exams.

  • Anxiety makes your brain crave for the fatty foods or more of the junk because they are satiable foods and also lower the stress hormone levels. You can actually binge-eat under such severe tension. But it would be better to refrain yourself from all the sugary – instant foods & fizzy drinks when you are studying. They’d make you sluggish and slow down your concentration ability.

Instead, take your meals on time because you need some fuel to keep driving your brain for longer hours. Take plenty of fluids they’ll keep you hydrated, refreshed and free from unwanted products. If you feel like snacking, munch on healthy options like roasted chana (nuts), almonds, and fruits.

  • Long sitting hours can be such a pain! Lack of physical activity, hyper mental activity, disordered munching – all these factors lead to the road of illness. I understand your commitments with the books but take breaks for your own good.

Go for a walk or simple jog but avoid over straining your body. Have a tea/ coffee break with family, go out, watch a movie, and expose your stress- stricken mind & body to the Holy Sun. Just relax and sprinkle some love over yourself!

  • Keeping up with the sleeping pattern is another task. We tend to overlook this basic need of human body. You don’t need to over or under-sleep because of someone else’s advise. Your must know your body needs and give it whatever it wants.

Don’t make this little creature work day & night. Let your body rest and sleep. Sleeping helps you consolidate whatever you’ve learnt in a day. Lack of sleep can adversely affect the balance between your mental and physical health. So, just have some good hours of sleep, every day.

  1. Keep your wits intact and do what is required

What a chaotic time of the year! You might want to postpone it for some time or hope for it to befall easier over you or looking for ways to escape from it. But, it’s too late now and the CBSE Boards are inevitable! The only way to overcome this is go through it.

The stress hormones are probably surging up within you making you uneasy with every passing day. It’s really important to stay calm & composed and just focus on the necessary things for the time being.

  • Be honest with yourself. If you lack somewhere, accept it and improve it.
  • Work hard in silence; let the success make the noise for you.
  • Keep your friendships or relationships at bay; invest yourself completely into exam preparations.
  • If you feel lost or exhausted with all the burden; escape for some time with your favourite hobby, and bounce back all refreshed and ready to roll!
  • Don’t scatter yourself complaining & whining about the situation. You are no special person who’s been put to such hard circumstances. Gather your pieces, plan and work hard. The rest is not in your hands, anyways!

If CBSE pre-boards & boards seem like climbing the Mount Everest to you, wait till you prepare for your preliminary exams or the NEET. One thing will eventually lead to the other. Hence, it’s highly recommended to brace up your seats right now for this whole roller-coaster ride.

Pre-boards act as a precursor for you to experience the intricacies of board-level exam setup. Scoring well in boards would govern your higher education choices and possibilities. Understanding the gravity of this time of your lives, INSPIRING MINDZ is always there to lend their helping hands in all applicable ways. We can advise you on preparing for your CBSE boards and we offer diverse range of NEET prep videos as well. The journey to MBBS abroad is not that far from this point, hereafter.

All you need to do is read & revise, focus on what you know, have healthy eating & sleeping habits, meditate, be confident and write long, descriptive answers in points in the exam. Give more of pictorial or graphical illustrations wherever possible. You would surely want your answers to be looked at!

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