7 Smart Ways to Relieve Stress and Tension During NEET 2018 Exam

Stress is an unavoidable part of a student’s life that can be a tough nut to crack. Stress Management is vital for a healthy living. To experience the familiar knot in your stomach before the exam is completely natural, which gives an impetus to nervousness and stress. Though some stress is vital as a bit of pressure spurs us on and motivates us to perform better but sometimes it may also have negative implications. One should, thus, not let it become one’s downfall and learn to combat stress. The following stress relievers will help you distress and calm your nerves as well as a pounding heart.

1. Unwind yourself

Have you ever wondered the gravity of keeping yourself bereft of the things you enjoy doing the most? In order to tackle the mounting pressure, it is imperative to let go of your thoughts. Keeping hooked to your textbooks all day long not only gives you jitters but also leaves your mind exhausted.
It is, thus, imperative to unwind yourself. Listening to music or going for a walk to get some fresh air will not only soothe your soul but also relax your mind. Being in the lap of nature opens your mind to new ideas and acts as a natural antidote to stress. You can also play your favorite sport that will channelize your mind and improve your concentration by teaching you how to focus. Sheer indulgence in such activities rejuvenates both body and soul and is a great stress buster. However, what is of significance is how well you manage your time for such activities without hampering your study schedule.

2. Meditation for the Soul

Many ponder over the effectiveness of meditation and how it accelerates both body and mind and gives you immense peace. Meditation can be hailed as an instant stress reliever as it helps focus away from the stress onto something concrete that helps you prepare well for the exam and be confident about it. It creates a positive aura around you and lands you in serendipity. It infuses your inner strength to fight stress and boosts your confidence to pass the eventual test up ahead with flying colors. Meditation tranquilizes your mind and body and improves concentration levels. You will be amazed to know that many schools and colleges have adopted this as a part of their curriculum owing to the increasing competition and stress faced by the students.

3. Refrain Comparing your Preparations

Curious to know about your friend’s preparation? Well then, you’ll be interested to know that analysing your preparations with your friends and discussing how much have they prepared increases stress and affects your performance in the exam. It not only accentuates your stress levels but also distracts you from your goal. One should remember that every individual is different from another and thus adopts a different learning pedagogy that best suits his/her needs. It is, thus, not prudent to gauge your preparations against your mates as it will deter you from preparing well for the impending exam. You should count on your own preparation and have believe in your capabilities to bear fruit in the long run.

4. A well laid and systematic approach

Have you ever prioritized your time and allocated it to accomplish your goals on time? Well, you’ll be surprised to know the pre-eminence of adopting a well-planned and organised approach that can work wonders as an excellent stress reliever. Planning ahead helps you stick to a schedule that will keep you focused, track and monitor your progress and identify your weak areas, hence saving you from getting into stress around the exam time. It will also boost your confidence and reduce any pre-exam stress. An organised mind will assist you retain information for long, streamline your strategies and prepare well for the exam.

5. Adequate Sleep

When was the last time you took an eight hour sleep? Was it enough to refresh you or did it leave you craving for more? With the pressure mounting on due to the approaching examinations, nothing can beat proper sleep when it comes to relieving stress. A sufficient amount of sleep is absolutely necessary to perform at one’s best abilities. Sleep helps detox millions of thoughts in your mind and heals your body and mind leaving it fresh and rejuvenated. Hot bath, a glass of warm milk, listening to music or reading your favourite novel just before you hit the bed ushers in sound sleep and relaxes you. But what is of significance is how you adjust your body to a fixed sleep schedule. Going off to sleep at the same hour everyday works wonders for your health and keeps you both alert and attentive.

6. Engage a Mentor

A mentor is your guiding light who enlightens you and helps you traverse through the rocky trails towards a better life. But who could be your perfect mentor? Does having a mentor really helps? Yes, a mentor is the one who encourages and motivates you even in the most turbulent times and helps you counter the escalating stress levels. He/she helps you keep things in perspective and break free from the fetters of stress. He/she guides you through the preparation offering effective strategies that can help you cruise through the exam and provides you with moral support, develop competencies and relieve you of stress, thereby leveraging your potential. A mentor gives direction to your dreams and also helps you achieve them.

7. Finding Your own Sense of Humour

Have you ever found yourself laughing by your own? There would surely have been many instances where watching your favorite series or cracking a joke with a friend would have left you in peels of laughter. It would have given you an adrenaline rush and helped you forget all your problems and anxieties. In order to fight the yawning problem of stress one needs to find his/her own sense of humor. It helps distress one’s convoluted mind and releases endorphin, a happy hormone, that curbs your stress levels and leave you feeling refreshed in a quick time.


So the next time you are in stress try adopting the given stress relievers to combat the enormity of stress and its impact on the overall health and enhance your learning productivity. These stress relievers will help you keep the stress at bay and approach life in a more positive and determined way.
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