10 tips to sharpen your memory for NEET 2018

With exams right around the corner, here are 10 quick tips to help you sharpen your memory. Half the battle is won when memorizing becomes easy. Try to gain from these useful tips while you still have time to improve your preparation:
    1. Stay active: Make sure your brain is active. If you are studying when drowsy or sleepy, you wouldn’t be able to memorize anything! Make sure your body is active and your mind will remain sharp!
    2. Visualize: It is easier for the brain to memorize the things it sees. While studying, try to visualize everything in steps. This will help you to memorize topics and recall them later.
    3. Use associations: Our brain finds it easier to recall things that have an association to something familiar! Hence, while learning something complicated, associate it to something you are familiar with! It will be much easier for you to recall it then.
    4. Use mnemonics: We have all tried mnemonics to learn something! An example for this is how we learn the sequence of planets orbiting the sun. For eg: “My Very Educated Mother just served us Noodles”. The first alphabet of every word stands for the name of a planet and in the correct sequence as well. This way, you just recall this easy phrase while writing the exam and simplify it!
    5. Focus: This is a longer process than the normal ones! You have to learn how to tune the entire world out and just focus on remembering something. The things that you memorize are always stored in your brain, you just have a tough time remembering them because you cannot focus a 100%! Whenever stuck, try to tune everything out and just focus on remembering the topic.
    6. Speak it aloud: While learning things, speak them so your brain can register it more clearly. Reading in our thoughts can get monotonous and the brain stops focusing completely. To avoid this, say the answers and topics out loud to improve the chances of recalling them later.
    7. Feed your brain: Moms are absolutely right when they feed us almonds to sharpen our brain! There are certain types of food that our brain requires to work more efficiently. Try to incorporate these foods in your diet!
    8. Prioritize: Try to spend more time and focused energy on the important topics. With little time left, you should give your undivided attention to the extremely important topics. Prioritizing properly helps the brain to understand the importance of some topics and becomes easier for you to recall them.
    9. Believe you can do it: Believing that you can learn topics and recall them is the trick to acing exams! If you keep demotivating and discouraging yourself then your brain will get distracted and you will not be able to learn anything properly.
    10. Stay hydrated: Water is an extremely important part of the process of memorizing! Getting dehydrated makes you lose focus and decreases the efficiency of the brain to understand subjects!
We hope you find these tips useful and they help you to learn topics faster! Half the battle of memorizing techniques is won by focusing! Make sure you work hard and stay healthy! Best of luck!
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