10 things we all have faced during exams

Boards – A word that every student dreads! They come once in the lifetime of every student and are the foundation of how their future is going to be. Apart from the restrictive nature of exams that they don’t allow you to party, hang out and do fun things, the good thing is that they open gates for the much-awaited college life, which every student fantasized.
Considering this horrible time in our life, we have all faced some common things during our examinations:
  1. Performed terribly in pre-boards and then wondering if you’ll even pass the main exams! – After being hurt by pre-board results, you might lose all your hope. But, this is the time when you have to start studying seriously, otherwise, be ready to face the consequences!
  2. Cross-checking the exam date sheet with classmates at least 10 times – Due to many things running in your mind at the same time, it is possible for anyone to mix up dates and respective subjects! You can paste the date sheet of the boards in front of your desk where you study every day.
  3. Calculating the time it will take to complete an entire syllabus – This is a habitual thing to do for most of us! But sticking to it always seems next to impossible.
  4. Feeling sad that you won’t be able to enjoy the world cup and even play Holi – It’s the dilemma of every student to decide what to focus on – World cup or Board exams. It’s also the time when Holi is around the corner. While others are seen enjoying their lives, playing Holi, you would be stuck with your books!
  5. Treating your admit card as the most precious thing in the world – Isn’t it true? You would make a thousand of copies of your admit card and laminate them, just to be a little more careful!
  6. When you see your mom’s behaviour changing from ’always nagging mom’ to ’the nicest mom ever’ – Getting good results in board exams is not only your dream but your parent’s dream too! At this time, while you are lost in another world of books, you are surely going to see their behaviour changed into the most caring ones!
  7. Attending endless calls of gazillion relatives wishing you the very best for exams – Such calls would make you more nervous and additionally, irritated. You would probably in the mood of spending your time in doing some last minute revisions rather than wasting precious time in attending calls and thanking everyone.
  8. Leaving the house 3 hours early to reach your exam centre on time – You can never be late in reaching your centre for the board exams since it’s the first most important exam of your life. Moreover, there are chances that you would become insomniac during your board exams. And how can one forget the big monster on the roads – TRAFFIC. So, it’s better you take out decent enough time for traveling to reach on time.
  9. Endless prayers to god on your way to the exam center – You might want to stop at every temple on your way just to pray and try all the tricks to please god so that you do well in your exams. You’ll be a nervous wreck and it’s perfectly fine!
  10. Celebration time! – And then the running thoughts from ’Thank god, it’s over’ to Phew!!! There is a sigh of relief when exams are finally over! Now, you have 3 months of no tension and only enjoyment! Cheers!
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